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What to Expect when Expecting a Software Audit

Do you find yourself becoming easily agitated or frustrated? Are you feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control or need to take control? Maybe you are having difficulty relaxing or quieting your mind. If you feel any or all of these symptoms, you may be experiencing stress as a result of an upcoming software audit.... Read More
Stainless steel luxury smartwatch

Why I Don’t Want a Smart Watch

I was at an Apple store recently, and found myself answering the question, “Are you going to pre-order a watch tonight?” My response came with no hesitation, “Are you?” Of course I expected the employee to react with over zealous enthusiasm engendered by years of blind love for a sometimes-superior product. Her answer, “I didn’t... Read More

Introducing SnapIT: Transforming IT self-service with LANDESK Service Desk

I am very excited about the latest release of LANDESK Service Desk. We’ve introduced a totally new concept that we call SnapIT. I think it’s fair to say, this one really is something quite different.  It’s new, unique, innovative and potentially game-changing for IT service management technology. What is SnapIT? SnapIT is not a product, it’s a... Read More

The Problem with IT Support: Why we need SnapIT

Let's imagine you are an employee in a company, not working in IT. Maybe finance, HR, customer support, admin, sales, management… pretty much any end-user role I guess. We can safely assume that you have at least two things within reach - a computer, and a smart phone/mobile device (corporate, or personal or a combination... Read More

No longer a matter of if, but when, you embrace shadow IT

At LANDESK, we make it our business to understand the changing landscape of enterprise IT. In that spirit, we commissioned a study by renowned industry analyst Forrester to gain a better understanding of the challenges presented by that landscape. We know that shadow IT—the use of personal devices and cloud applications in lieu of official,... Read More
Instant Gratification

Are You Getting Instant Gratification From Your Service Desk?

When I was 10 years old, I had to walk half a mile to and from school every day with my two buddies. We often deviated from our path when returning home so we could cut through a small shopping center that consisted of a supermarket, a bank, and several small shops. I remember the... Read More