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STEM Students Job Shadow LANDESK Employees for a Day

I sat at a table for lunch with two educators and three high school students who came to LANDESK for a STEM-related job shadowing day. I was impressed with all 30 students who had made the trip from their respective schools in the Jordan School District. I kept thinking, if these are the youth who will... Read More

Don’t Get Taken on a Holiday Phishing Expedition

Ah, the holidays. A time of joy, reflection, and often, missives expected and surprising, from locales far and near. I have unexpectedly received just such a missive, and shared it below, with commentary I hope you will find helpful. Return address For starters, the envelope containing this delightful letter said it was from Manulife Financial,... Read More

4 Ways RFID Can Help You Meet ITAM Objectives

Grocery stores seem to have a lot more self-checkout registers lately. My grocery cart is usually full and then I am expected to act like a cashier because I have to scan each item myself, then pay a machine. I have estimated that I spend an extra 12 hours a year working as a cashier... Read More

The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage: Threat AND Opportunity for IT?

To paraphrase iconic singer/songwriter Donovan Leitch, who borrowed the idea from a Buddhist saying, “First, there is a cybersecurity skills shortage, then there is no shortage, then there is.” A recent Computerworld article highlighted a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) blog post, in which a DHS official argued that the much-publicized cybersecurity skills shortage... Read More

A Recipe for Success: Optimizing IT for Financial Value

It goes without saying that we strive to be successful, both personally and professionally. When it comes to the latter, how can you be sure that the decisions you’re making are leading your business down the path of financial success? The answer can be found in how you’re evaluating the decisions you’re making and ultimately... Read More
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Invest in These IT Strategies to Boost the Value of Your IT

The mobile revolution has changed the way many workers perform their jobs. A smartphone or tablet can provide many of the tasks once exclusively limited to a desktop. This has created an even greater remote workforce, able to interact with customers and co-workers from anywhere. This concept isn’t lost on IT organizations, who are adapting... Read More