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Life Hacks for Support: LANDESK Video Capture Feature

I feel as if expectations of what we can get done within a day are getting higher, not just in the workplace, but in our personal lives too.  Anything that we can do to claw back some extra time or multi task feels like a victory.  A normal occurrence is something like: my son reading... Read More

LANDESK Customer Success Story: The Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc., headquartered in Calabasas Hills, California, created the upscale casual dining segment in 1978 with the introduction of its namesake concept. The company operates 181 full-service, casual dining restaurants throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It also operates two bakery production facilities in Calabasas Hills and Rocky Mount, North Carolina that produce... Read More

The Enterprise Value of iOS 8

Now that iOS is no longer looked upon with disdain from the collective eyes of corporations, some of the frustrations of working (or "working"--as my Android-carrying co-workers might say) with, and on, iOS devices have bubbled to the surface. The most common workaround has been, of course, to set down my phone and turn to... Read More

LANDESK Community: Stealth Learning

My young son recently saw me looking at an excel spreadsheet and asked what it was.  “Well..It’s a picture to show numbers in an easy way.  So you can really quickly see which is the biggest number.”  He nodded his head to say that my reply made sense and then he trotted off to get... Read More

BYOD in the Skies and IT Lessons Learned

Walk onto a new Boeing 737-900 plane and it might be a throw back to the old days when you had to reach for the seat pocket in front of you for a magazine to pass the time; that is if you don’t have a tablet or smartphone. Many new aircraft are coming off the... Read More

LANDESK Deploys Software and Operating Systems up to 95 Percent Faster, Pays for Itself in Cost Savings Alone

Aird & Berlis LLP, located in Toronto, Canada, provides a wide range of legal services for industries ranging from banking and energy to litigation and real estate. Since opening its doors in 1919, the firm has grown through mergers and acquisitions, and in 1978 changed its name to Aird & Berlis. John Aird and Doug... Read More