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Three Reasons You Need ITAM for the Internet of Things

It was 1984, and I was off to the only movie theater in the town where I lived. The movie was called Terminator and although it was science fiction, the story line had an eerie ring of truth. It was about intelligent computers rising up and rebelling against its human progenitors . This movie introduced many... Read More
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Engaging the End User to Stay Ahead of the Game: A Blog from UX

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” (Victor E. Frankl). Users’ behaviors and attitudes are changing, and end-user technology is moving ahead at a rapid pace. The rules of technology engagement now favor the consumer. The end-user is in the driver’s seat, and we need to... Read More
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Technology integration: Making a strong business case

It’s no secret that today’s end user is more connected, tech-savvy, and demanding of the technology around them than ever before. This is no different when it comes to solving issues or getting help for that technology - people want access to services and support when, where, and through whatever channel they choose. The whole... Read More
Businessman Choosing The Perfect Candidate For The Job

Your ex-employees are walking away with more than you think – asset lifecycle management

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 965,000 people in the professional and business services industry left their jobs in December 2014. In an age of massive data breaches, strict compliance requirements, and constrained IT budgets, the inevitable questions come up: Have these organizations shut down their ex-employees’ accounts, logins, and corporate information access? Have... Read More
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Where’s the moat around my OS X castle?

We all want to feel secure and protected, right? Kings, queens and other powerful individuals from ages past, built moats to protect their investments and the people they cared for. Today, while we may not all be kings or queens, we still have the desire to protect ourselves and our personal property. If you’re a... Read More

The One Service Management Team Productivity Hack You Need To Know

Take a look at the photos of physical workspaces at the LANDESK office. The first is a base-level configuration that all staff in any department start with; desk, chair etc. The next is one of our customer support managers; notice he needs two screens to monitor to his teams activity and another for other work.... Read More