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Asset Management On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Users (Part 2 OF 3) Tips for Building an On-Boarding Process

As I look back on my life, I always hated the ‘first day.’ I find the ‘first day’ of almost anything to be exhausting. First day on the job, first day of school, first day of college, first day of the year, you get the point. I don’t know if it is just me but... Read More

Asset Management On-Boarding and Off-Boarding Users (Part 1 of 3) The Pitfalls

Many years ago, I resigned from my job so that I could pursue another opportunity. I wrote a resignation letter to make it official and sent an email to all the people I had the pleasure of working with during my employment.  I was ready to take on an exciting new job. What made everything... Read More

Introducing Service Desk 7.8 in the age of context

I’d like to introduce you to our latest service management release, packed full of goodness to put a spring in your step for the New Year, but that’s not all, keep reading to learn about an exciting competition that you can enter. Ahh, yes a new year,– time to make a new start at work;... Read More
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Four Suggestions for Effective Software Asset Management

An employee from the accounting office in a very large organization noticed a discrepancy with a software renewal bill. The software bill was for 1,300 software licenses; however, the department using the software only had 300 users. The accounting office also noted the organization had been overpaying the renewal for the software licenses for three... Read More

To 2015 and Beyond: Through the ITSM Lens Part Two

“It’s tough to make predictions. Especially about the future.”-- Yogi Berra Welcome to part two. Here I’m looking forward, through an ITSM/LANDESK lens into what I think 2015 will bring to ITSM and IT professionals. You might also want to check out my part one where I look back at what 2014 brought us. Anyway, let’s... Read More

2014 through an ITSM lens

As 2014 draws to a close and the sleepy elves of the old year transform into mischievous pixies of the new, it is traditional and timely to cast a cynical yet good-natured eye across ITSM activity over the last year, and to also look forward and forecast the hype, shifts, innovations and urgent priorities that face a... Read More