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February Patch Tuesday 2016

February Patch Tuesday started a bit early with Oracle releasing an out-of-band update for Java to resolve a critical vulnerability that allows DLL Hijacking. Microsoft has released 13 bulletins, six of which are critical, resolving a total of 42 vulnerabilities. Of the vulnerabilities being resolved, two have been publicly disclosed. We also have releases from Adobe for Flash... Read More

Security Salaries Are Soaring—What Should You Do?

“[V]acancies in cyber-security positions have skyrocketed as have CISOs salaries.…CISO salaries have gone up considerably in the last two years, with very few dropping below £100,000 (approximately US$146,000) a year.” —“CISO salaries and demand for cyber-skills skyrockets, surprising no-one,” SC Magazine, Jan. 29, 2016 “Leading roles in cyber security, such as cyber security head, will... Read More

Cross-Platform Software Distribution Bundles in LANDESK 2016

Starting with LANDESK 2016, mobile management is fully integrated into the LDMS console--allowing new ways to manage PCs and mobile together. One way this integration has the potential to simplify day-to-day tasks is through the use of software distribution package bundling. The first thing you'll notice is that creating mobile packages is very similar to--and... Read More

Three ITSM Projects for your Five-year Plan (Part 5 of 5): Self Service

I’ve had to travel a lot throughout my career in technology. Years ago, I remember having to stand in line at the airport to get my boarding pass. Then, when the internet was adopted by the airlines, they provided the ability to check-in online and print your boarding pass, which eliminated the process of waiting... Read More

Modern ITSM Offers Exceptional User Experiences: Service Desk 2016

While walking past my local hairdressers this weekend, I remembered that I needed to change my next appointment having booked it at a time that I was USA-bound. But seeing the queue at reception, I didn’t go in to change my appointment. Why? Because I knew that I’d have to wait and then provide lots... Read More

2015– A Year of Developing Modern Workspaces

I left the software sector for a number of years and then came back. But while I was away, I developed different expectations of what technology should look like in business. Most of those expectations were driven by my experience with social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. It was a few years after I returned... Read More