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Tis the Season for… Phishing

Email from My Bank I just received an email from one of my banks that wanted me to confirm that I’d transferred money to a Larry Moore for $975. My gut reaction was “WHAT THE Ffff…reak?!!!!” (I didn’t use an expletive; too many people around) I immediately wanted to take care of this fraud. The... Read More

IT Asset Management, a Three-Tiered Approach (Part 4 of 4)

IT Asset Lifecycle Management Process Automation IT Asset Lifecycle Management is Tier Three of IT Asset Management. If you haven't read the first posts, start here. Part 1, part 2 ,part 3. Tier three is about managing IT Lifecycle Processes. This includes automating your processes to eliminate human error which can occur while doing manual... Read More

IT is not Just IT’s Problem

There is a lot of discussion at the moment about Shadow IT; how IT needs to combat it, lock it down, manage it or take advantage of it. IT, and in particular the service desk, bears the brunt of departments or individuals all the way up to executive level; expecting support on devices, services or... Read More

LetMobile: A Better Approach to Secure Mobile Email

We are pleased to announce the launch of LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway 2.6. With this launch, we are providing a unique approach to securing the most important business information on mobile devices: email. By using a secure mobile gateway, email, attachments, calendaring, notes, tasks and contacts can be protected without a significant loss in end-user... Read More

IT Asset Management, a Three Tiered Approach (Part 3 of 4)

Three Keys to IT Asset Management Intelligence IT Asset Intelligence is Tier Two of IT Asset Management. It is accomplished by associating assets with relevant information contained within the asset database and with relevant information contained in external databases, both inside and outside the organization.  Three key features are needed to build IT Asset Intelligence: ... Read More

An Article for Millennials: How to work with Gen X

I can’t help but laugh when I Google “Millennial” and look for the latest news on my generation. Nearly every article is a new insight into how to motivate millennials, how to work with millennials, how to keep millennials happy, how to understand millennials, and so on. Are we that much of a mystery? My... Read More