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Windows 10 Current Branch for Business

Windows 10 Current Branch for Business (CBB) is very similar to Current Branch, but with a slower adoption timeline and longer support life. This extended period allows Microsoft time to take feedback on new branch features and provide fixes. To date, there have been two CBB releases. The first was the 1507, or GA release,... Read More

Five Tips for Improving the ITSM End-User Experience

I often use public transportation services. Sometimes I have a good opinion of the service provider and sometimes I do not. I develop my opinion of service offerings based on the experience I have when I use the services offerings. For example, if I travel on a train that is dirty and doesn’t smell very... Read More

Modernizing ITSM through Automation: A Three Step Plan (Part 3)

We have reach the final post in this series about IT Service Management (ITSM) automation. In the first post, we identified the need to re-evaluate processes. In the second, we discussed initial steps that you could take to achieve quick wins. Onto the third step. Advanced Maturity Steps for Enterprise Value As you and your... Read More

Apple May 2016 Mac OS X Updates

Apple released updates on May 16, 2016 affecting Mac OS X and Safari. In total, there were 74 vulnerabilities fixed including many high risk vulnerabilities. For a full analysis, click here.
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May 2016 Flash Zero Day Closure – or Not

Chris Goettl, from our Shavlik team, has some good insights on the latest Adobe Flash Player updates: It was a confusing week for those tracking the Adobe Flash Player update.  Let me summarize what happened and what may still be lingering. Flash Player did announce an Advisory on Patch Tuesday (APSA16-02) announcing a Zero Day... Read More

Windows 10 Current Branch

Windows 10 Current Branch is the default servicing mode for Windows 10 providing stable updates on a regular cadence. It will update at a much faster pace (2-3 times a year) than previous versions of Windows Service Packs (every few years) and the updates are large and more disruptive. Branch Upgrades Current Branch will release... Read More