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Does Your Mac Patch Process Rely Solely on Hope and Prayer?

The Hope and Prayer of a Contractor My family and I love to play pickup basketball games together in our backyard. We do however, live in Texas, and as you probably know, Texas summers are hot. Due to the heat, we decided it would be wise to install an overhead light on the basketball court... Read More

Security and the “ART-ful” Enterprise

While every enterprise is different, there are three fundamental characteristics that appear common to every successful modern enterprise. The successful modern enterprise is: Agile – able to navigate nimbly all types of internal and external change, expected and unexpected. Resilient – able to avoid threats, disasters, and disruptions, and to recover rapidly and seamlessly from... Read More

Cybersecurity: We Are All Vulnerable. We Are All Responsible.

Ashley Madison, the website that encourages married people to have affairs, is dealing with the theft and public release by hackers of personal information for thousands of its clients. The Impact Team, the hackers who claimed responsibility, didn’t hack the site for money, and didn’t steal the personal information to sell it. According to a... Read More

Buried Alive in IT Assets (Part 2 of 2) – Key Points to an ITAD Process

Over the years, I have collected a lot of cell phones. Like many people, I like to have the latest technology when it comes to my smartphone. I know that when I purchase a new phone, I will probably only keep it for two or three years. I retire my phones by putting them in... Read More

Three Steps to Start Your ITAM Project

Everyone has experienced the terrible feeling that comes from losing something important, such as your car keys. Has your organization ever misplaced an IT asset? Does your organization know where every IT asset is located and who may have that asset? If not, you might have misplaced an IT asset in the past or worse,... Read More
Win10 Upgrade Cadence Slide

Windows 10 | This is not an announcement, it’s just a reminder

As Windows 10 availability approached, there was a little commotion around what LANDESK should say about Windows 10 support. That’s when one of our product managers, Rex McMillan, piped up and said, “Don’t you remember what I said on stage in the keynote at Interchange?” I looked at him with a quizzical look. He laughed... Read More