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The BCS Sits Down With LANDESK to Discuss ITSM

LANDESK’s Ian Aitchison recently had an opportunity to sit down with the British Computer Society’s Brian Runciman to discuss ITSM. Aitchison offered some insight into the current state of ITSM and how LANDESK is striving to optimize our product for the needs of an ever-changing market. This includes increasing productivity, saving money and simplifying the... Read More

How Does IT Score on Customer Satisfaction

LANDESK recently conducted a study that found most Americans are extremely satisfied with the service they are getting from their IT departments. The survey found that, although some people are able to resolve IT issues on their own, many people rely on IT to solve their issues — and when they do reach out to... Read More

Meet the LANDESK Team at HDI Conference 2015

On March 23-27, the HDI, a global IT Service and technical support association and training body, will host its annual IT Service and technical support conference and expo at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. What Will You Hear? This four day program gives service management professionals, from executive to analyst, the ideal opportunity to gain... Read More

Wall-E and The Art of Doing Two Things At Once: Automation

I have recently brought a new addition into my family. Don't get too excited, there is not the little patter of tiny feet. No, instead there are now little bleeps and buzzes and whirring sounds. Yes folks, the new addition to our family is a robot. A robot vacuum cleaner. A Roomba iRobot, or, as... Read More

PC’s, Macs and Mobile Devices Living Together in Harmony: UEM

I hooked up a big monitor to my Mac hoping to display something for my boss and a co-worker. It didn’t automatically jump to the right resolution, so I had to go into my Systems Preferences to set it up. That’s when my boss said, “It’s because you have a Mac.” He shot me a... Read More

What Makes a Culture of Great Customer Service?

There are a lot of opinions about customer service: How should it be done? What should be avoided? How can you tell if you’ve succeeded? And if you check social media these days, you will see many examples of what happens when there is bad service. So how can we make things better? The other... Read More