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Three Reasons ITAM Should be Part of Your Security Strategy (Part 2 of 2): Government Security Requirements

If you have ever lost your wallet, I am pretty sure you did not worry about the actual wallet. I live about 45 miles away from Washington, D.C. and two miles from my house is a commuter train. I will never forget the first time I took that train into D.C. After boarding, I realized... Read More
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Survey Results: The Role of Shadow IT in Your Organization

We performed a survey this spring around the topic of Shadow IT. We asked a series of questions to which more than 275 respondents gave us answers. The respondents were mostly made up of people who manage or lead IT groups (70%), with a little more than half of the people (53%) being directors or... Read More
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Three Reasons ITAM Should be Part of Your Security Strategy (Part 1 of 2)

Several years ago, we purchased a home in the country. The biggest difference I noticed is how dark and quiet it is to live there. When alone in the house at night, I get spooked at the slightest sound, so I am considering a security system. I counted how many windows and doors need to... Read More

Healthcare lags behind in keeping operating systems up to date

While most industries have been able to migrate to newer operating systems, healthcare has been a laggard. With another Microsoft Windows XP Extended Support renewal on the horizon, the prospect of paying another $250,000 for another year is inevitable. Most organizations believe that as long as receive patch support they can maintain HIPAA compliance. Patch... Read More

The Million-Dollar Question: How Easy is it to Upgrade or Change Your ITSM System?

I attended the HDI show in Las Vegas and I’ll be attending the SITS show in London later this year. It is a great opportunity for me to meet lots of IT folk from the service management industry. When I talk to these good folk about why they are attending the event, I often get... Read More

What to Expect when Expecting a Software Audit

Do you find yourself becoming easily agitated or frustrated? Are you feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control or need to take control? Maybe you are having difficulty relaxing or quieting your mind. If you feel any or all of these symptoms, you may be experiencing stress as a result of an upcoming software audit.... Read More