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Managing Windows 10 Cumulative Updates with LANDESK

Managing Windows 10 cumulative updates with LANDESK leverages years of features and expertise in patch management. LANDESK Patch Manager provides automated assessment and targeting, robust network-sensitive update distribution, third-party patching, and custom patch definitions all of which make a comprehensive solution for Windows 10 patch management. This article will explore the capabilities in LANDESK Patch... Read More
Fishing Guide Pointing Out A Trout At Sunset

Windows 10 Migrations Can Be Like Fishing Without a Guide

Finish this statement: “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you ____.” If you plan and strategize right, you can do more than just give your users a new operating system, you gain valuable practice when it comes to upgrading machines continuously, no matter what... Read More

Mistakes Not to Make When Implementing an ITAM/SAM Program – Addressing Governance

[tweetthis twitter_handles="@patriciaadams @LANDESK" display_mode="button_link"]Mistakes Not to Make When Implementing an ITAM/SAM Program[/tweetthis] When it comes to IT and software asset management (ITAM/SAM), or any new IT project, it is critical to ensure that the program is successful the first time it is rolled out. Without early successes, it is difficult to maintain ongoing business unit... Read More

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates and Branches

Windows 10 cumulative updates and branches have a critical relationship. Failing to understand the branch lifecycle can create risk for any patch management program. Much of this article will be a rehash of previous articles I’ve written on Windows 10 branch upgrade management, but it is so important to understand this relationship that I’m going... Read More

Windows Update for Business

When Windows 10 launched, there was talk of a new update mechanism known as Windows Update for Business (WUB). What sounded like a new platform ended up being a set of policy settings to configure Windows 10. Let’s explore some of these settings and how you can use them in your enterprise. Windows Update for... Read More

Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Overview

With my previous article finishing the discussion on Windows 10 branch upgrades, I will now tackle Windows 10 cumulative updates or patching. Windows 10 patching is one of the biggest changes and challenges for enterprises as they roll out this operating system. Unlike older versions, Windows 10 has a new approach to patching with cumulative... Read More