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Senator Orrin Hatch Visits LANDESK

As a major proponent of the tech industry, Senator Orrin Hatch carved time out of his busy schedule to meet with LANDESK yesterday. Employees anxiously awaited his arrival. The positive impact Senator Hatch has had on the tech industry over the years has been significant. "He is probably the most influential and the most educated on... Read More

Everything You Need to Know to Prevent Ransomware

"Just pay the ransom." That what’s an FBI official said during a Cyber Security Summit 2015 in Boston several months ago. However, since then, the FBI has published an official document that warns against ransomware and provides a list of best practices on how to fight it. Oh, and the new document specifically says: "The FBI does... Read More

Is Motorola’s New Patch Schedule Exposing Users to Security Threats?

It seems Motorola has decided that the extra work of keeping its Android devices up-to-date with the latest security patches is not important enough. Motorola has just announced that it will not follow Google’s Android security update cadence. Instead, the mobile company will only provide security updates to its smartphones when it is convenient for... Read More

Former Gartner Analyst Talks About LANDESK’s ITAM Champion Award

As the global leader in user-centered IT management, LANDESK was thrilled to be named a champion in the IT Asset Management Vendor Landscape Report by the Info-Tech Research Group earlier this month! (Read the full report below.) LANDESK CEO, Steve Daly, commented, "LANDESK offers the most comprehensive IT and software asset management software out there, and... Read More

Wi-Fi Security at the Republican National Convention? Not So Much

Now that the Republican National Convention (RNC) is over, it’s time to review what may be the biggest story to come out of that event. It’s a story of widespread deception that fooled many, and the possible consequences of the success of that deception. I’m talking, of course, about the duping of some 1,200 convention... Read More
Hacking concept. Red bug crawling on top of code. Fully scalable vector illustration.

What Is Wormable Ransomware and Why Should I Care?

By Phil Richards, CSO You are a security professional and you have just arrived at work, bright and early on a Monday morning. What could ruin this otherwise beautiful day more than a report of ransomware on a computer? Answer: A worm-enabled ransomware making its way through your unpatched network. If ransomware is bad, then wormable... Read More
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