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Modernizing ITSM through Automation: A Three Step Plan (Part 1)

In a report published by the analyst organization Forrester Research on ITSM, research showed that “57% of service desks struggle with increased ticket volumes, but only 31% are expanding headcount.” (Elinor Klavens and Eveline Oehrlich, “Five Key Initiatives to Wow Your Workforce with Service Desk,” Forrester Research, September 18, 2015) Increased ticket volume is not... Read More

Lost Assets and Rogue devices Part I

Have you ever misplaced something? Of course you have, we all have. When this occurs, the realization that you have lost something or, even worse, that someone else may be in possession of that missing item, causes us to have various reactions from anger to fear and sadness. These reactions cause us to start the... Read More

Windows 10 Branches Overview

Now that we have Introduction to Managing Windows 10 Update established, let's explore branches. Understanding Windows 10 branches is critical to efficiently managing Windows 10 updates. Branches are the new mechanism that provide a large set of new features and fixes to Windows 10. It would be unjust to simply say that Windows 10 branch... Read More
IT asset management

What is IT Asset Management?

After working in the IT industry for over 20 years, I’m still surprised when I come across very loose interpretations that claim to define IT asset management. To be fair, the term asset management has different meanings depending upon the audience. If I was on Wall Street, or worked in financial services, the term asset... Read More

When selecting ITSM tools choose the why over what and how

When it comes to selecting ITSM tools, you should be focused on the "why" over the "what" and "how." The ITSSM market as defined by Gartner is HOT right now, and for some very good reasons: Requirements for IT transparency and governance Need for increased speed of change and focus on value streams Improvements in... Read More

Remove Apple Quicktime for Windows Today

If you didn't hear already, it's time to remove Apple Quicktime for Windows ASAP. Chris Goettl, from our Shavlik team provides the details. Apple has announced the end of availability for QuickTime 7 on Windows systems.  In their announcement they explained their reason for pulling support: "QuickTime 7 for Windows is no longer supported by Apple.... Read More