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What ever happened to security?

What Ever Happened to the Security of the Bartering System?

[caption id="attachment_3129" align="alignleft" width="300"] What ever happened to security?[/caption] What's in my wallet? The answer changes by the day. I'm one that likes to minimize the thickness of my wallet to make it more comfortable when I sit on hard chairs or, when I travel, I go extreme and take it all the way to... Read More

What’s After IoT?

The Internet of Things is set to become 2015’s proverbial dead horse in the media, after Big Data’s thorough enough “beating” in 2014. Previous to Big Data, we’ve had Cloud, SaaS, and gamification, among others. Each have had their place in business, some less important than others, but their time in the media spotlight has... Read More
IT Asset Management

Reclaim your negotiation rights using IT Asset Management

[caption id="attachment_3114" align="alignleft" width="300"] Improve your negotiating position by utilizing IT Asset Management[/caption] What hardware and software assets do you really have? Where are they? How are they performing? The IT asset management world can be a confusing one. However, knowing this kind of information not only enables you to take full advantage of your... Read More

It’s Time to Add IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) to Your ITSM and ITAM Solution

Several years ago, after playing a pickup game of basketball, I felt some discomfort around my right shoulder. Six days after my basketball game, the discomfort I was feeling in my shoulder escalated to the point where it hurt to breathe. At this point, it was time to go to the emergency room. Once I... Read More
The LANDESK team, along with our PAC members, enjoy snowmobiling in Park City, UT.

LANDESK Product Advisory Council

[caption id="attachment_3096" align="alignleft" width="300"] The LANDESK team, along with our PAC members, enjoy snowmobiling in Park City, UT.[/caption] Snow can’t slow us down (or the lack thereof) Last week, we hosted the LANDESK Product Advisory Council (PAC) in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was an opportunity for us to hear about our customer’s top strategic... Read More

Wearables in the Enterprise: Wellness Programs

Here at LANDESK, HR recently rolled out a new wellness program for US employees where gym memberships are reimbursed if we maintain a certain level of activity tracked via a wearable and synced to a wellness service. After reading up on the program, my thought was whether this is the first real introduction of wearables... Read More