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Mobility Turf Wars – Enterprise Edition

Picture it: Battle lines that were drawn two decades ago, with deep roots in historical precedent. It’s been this way since time immemorial – or at least since the 1990s.  I’m referring to the challenge that enterprises across the globe have been trying to sort out for several years now. The debate is about mobility,... Read More

What is IT Operations Analytics?

Have you ever wondered what IT Operations Analytics is? In this video, Da-Rell Gilbert with Nexthink walks you through the three areas addressed by the Nexthink tool set. Nexthink's offerings allows the user a new perspective into what is actually going on inside their networks. Their solution offers an unparalleled view of how users are... Read More

Top 10 best practices for a better Self-Service

It may be helpful to think about self-service in terms of a long-term sustainable commitment to your users achieved through continuous refinement and improvement. What are the concepts of continuous refinement and improvement? • Continuous refinement and improvement is defined as meeting and exceeding the expectations of your users. • Success is achieved through meeting... Read More

Video Demo and How to: How to Use LANDESK Remote Control

Our very own Beau Wells walks you through the process of using LANDESK Remote Control. Remote Control gives you the ability to control devices both within your organization and outside of it, as long as you have a LANDESK cloud services appliance. The video demonstrates several interfaces as well as discussing when it is best... Read More
Burried Alive

Buried Alive in IT Assets (Part 1 of 2)- Why ITAD is Important

As I pulled into the car dealership to look at a new car, smoke started to rise out of the engine. I hopped out of my car and said to the approaching car sales representative “I’d like to trade-in my car.” He responded, “Do I smell something burning?” I was stuck. Either I buy a... Read More
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10 Ways to Improve Your First-Contact Resolution

First-contact resolutions provide a quicker return to productivity for end-user customers and so, unsurprisingly, it is one of the biggest drivers of customer satisfaction on the service desk. It is also key to providing the right customer experience. For the service desk, the faster a call is resolved the lower the costs, so it’s important... Read More