10 Effective Ways You Can Combat Ransomware Right Now

Lock like digital protectionRansomware is malware that infects computer networks, encrypts data across those networks, and then demands payment of a ransom to restore access to the hijacked data. The threat has already cost companies of all sizes and types millions of dollars in fines and lost productivity.

Ransomware attacks are growing in number and sophistication. Fortunately, there are simple and affordable measures you and your colleagues can take, beginning today, to lessen ransomware’s threat to your networks, your users, their productivity, and your organization’s critical data.

Here are ten ways your company can protect itself against ransomware:

1. Educate users about phishing emails and email attachments.

More than 20 percent of people who receive phishing emails open them. What’s worse, more than ten percent of people who open phishing emails also click on the accompanying attachments.

2. Patch critical operating systems and applications.

Doing this will greatly increase resistance to all types of threats and attacks, including ransomware. LANDESK’s Patch Manager applies patches across an enterprise automatically and easily.

3. Keep incumbent AV tools and other protections updated regularly.

In the face of ever-evolving threats, out-of-date protections offer no real protection at all.

4. Manage and limit the use of privileged accounts.

Ransomware and other attacks often use privileged accounts to spread themselves to other computers and networks.

5. Keep your backups complete and current.

Users can then get back to work more quickly and effectively, even if paying the ransom doesn’t restore access to data quickly, completely, or at all.

6. Implement and enforce access control, preferably focusing on data criticality and not just user rights.

This can limit the effects of attacks that get through your environment’s protective measures.

7. Impose restrictions on the types of files and folders your applications are allowed to access and manipulate.

Ransomware can’t use applications to encrypt data that those applications can’t access.

8. Disable macros in Microsoft Office files and elsewhere wherever possible.

Strike the best possible balance between protecting your environment and disrupting user productivity.

9. Implement trusted ownership of and access to applications and critical data.

Restrict or ban entirely applications, folders, and files that aren’t known to be from trusted sources.

10. Use virtualization and other technologies to isolate applications and files.

This will prevent them from spreading ransomware more broadly should they become infected.

Any combination of the above steps, including LANDESK Security Suite (LDSS), will make your computing environment much more secure and resistant to ransomware and other threats.

Don’t risk becoming ransomware’s next victim on its growing roster of targeted businesses. Get started today! Download our FREE whitepaper as a handy reminder of all the ways in which you can protect against ransomware now: