2015 Enterprise Mobility Predictions

454127893Sitting down back in January, if someone had told you some of the biggest mobility stories of 2014, would you have believed them? That’s the way it happens in an industry that moves as fast as the enterprise mobility market – disruption is an ongoing activity. There have been some that were anticipated stories: what would the iPhone 6 bring? Would the “L” be for “lollipop” or “licorice”? While others weren’t expected: malware hitting the iOS platform, Apple’s partnership with IBM, and the root causes of some high-profile data breaches. Between mergers, shifts in hype and security issues, this year has not had time for the ink to dry on one story before the next is leaping off the page!

You can take a look back at my predictions for 2014 if you enjoy the “year-in-review” experience. Fast moving markets produce significant, and often surprising dynamics all the time. With 2015 just a few short weeks away, here are some of the enterprise mobility predictions I expect we’ll witness in the coming year:

• Touch-ID solutions will proliferate. Apple introduced it with the iPhone 5s, and expanded its use in iOS 8. In 2015, expect Google (via Samsung) and Microsoft to bring similar technologies to market for authentication on Android and Windows Phone, respectively.
• UEM becomes a leading acronym. That’s right, take a whole bunch of acronyms you’ve been using for the last few years and mesh them together into a single, broader solution. For those not familiar, UEM, or Unified Endpoint Management, will become a big theme in 2015 as companies wrestle with multiple vendors and products to manage all the technology that enterprise users carry. Market insiders have been talking about it a lot in 2014, but in 2015, expect IT to start demanding tight integration among mobile, systems and security management.
• Workspaces no longer refer to cubicles. It has already started in 2014, but enterprise workspaces will become a widely discussed term in 2015, delivering on the promise of role-based access to corporate content that enables user across the organization to be more productive and connected to the tools they need in order to get their jobs done.

We’ll be watching for these trends, as well as the numerous surprises 2015 will have in-store for us in the New Year. What are your predictions for Enterprise Mobility in 2015? Email me: robert.destefano@landesk.com with your expectations, wishes and dreams. Or comment below.

Finally, all of us at LANDESK thank you for entrusting us to provide your IT Management solutions. We look forward to providing you with new and enhanced solution in 2015 that further our promise of user-oriented IT, and we wish you all the best for a happy, healthy 2015!