2016: Looking ahead in Enterprise Mobility

Android(own)There will be Android “N” and an iPhone 7. Ok, now for some predictions. Certain things are expected in the mobile marketplace, but it’s the unexpected that can often be the most fun. Beyond speculating on what the “N” will be (and could it really be anything but “Nutella”?), there are several very big items that could reach critical mass in the coming year. I’m only going to predict a few, but invite you to share your predictions and your mobility wish lists with me.

• Mobile payment takes off. What it does after that is the fun part. With both leading platforms offering mobile payment on their latest generation devices, it will be interesting to see how adoption goes. Considering retailers (here in the USA, specifically) are already dealing with EMV chip-based payment in fits and starts, perhaps mobile payment is a welcomed alternative. Or maybe another headache.
• Mobile malware escalates. In 2015, we witnessed early, but newsworthy, breaches of the iOS platform. We’ve also seen how jailbroken devices can turn mobile users into what I call “unwitting accomplices to the forces of evil”. There are bad guys out there, and they are continuously looking for opportunities. Mobility, because of its very personal nature – BYOD and all, need to be protected, because users have widely varying degrees of understanding the risks.
• Tablets over-expand. In 2010 Steve Jobs proclaimed “the current crop of 7-inch tablets are going to be DOA”. A lot has changed over the past five years, but the iPad Pro and Mini? Tablet sales, in general, have been sluggish this year, and the things to watch will be a narrowing of sizes, and whether the push for convertible tablets, which Microsoft is driving with the Surface, changes the way we use these larger screen mobile devices.

We’ll all, undoubtedly, be tuned in to the fast-moving space that is enterprise mobility. It’s a market that continues to impress with its speed of change and the introduction of new technologies. At LANDESK, we’re excited to experience it alongside you, and look forward to helping you optimize its place within your business.

I’ll close with a “thank you” for choosing LANDESK as your partner for user-centered IT. We wish you all the best for a happy, healthy 2016!