4 Questions With ITAM Insider & Why You Need an ITAM Solution Right Now

Info-Tech-Champion-CircleIn light of LANDESK recently being named Champion by the Info-Tech Research Group in the IT Asset Management Vendor Landscape Report (check out the report below!), we spoke with ITAM Product Marketing Manager Jason Christensen to get a better understanding of ITAM and what it means for business today.

1. What are the big takeaways for you from the ITAM report?

Two big takeaways from the Info-Tech Vendor Landscape report are, first, LANDESK’s positioning in the quadrant. All vendors were scored and placed as a market pillar, emerging player, innovator, or champion. LANDESK was placed in the Champion quadrant as a leading vendor with a leading product.

This shows LANDESK’s dedication to the ITAM market in providing excellent products at a great value, as well as depicting a strong market presence.

The second takeaway that stands out to me are the features evaluated in the report. These features represent a strong ITAM vendor that can deliver on what customers want and need.

LANDESK checked all of the boxes, whereas all other vendors lacked in several areas. This shows LANDESK’s breadth of capabilities.

2. Which way are the ITAM winds blowing right now? What are the trends?

When talking to customers, you get a glimpse into the biggest trends. Some that I have seen revolve around managing your assets in the cloud. As more software is moving to the cloud, organizations are looking for ways to track licenses and gain visibility into usage data.

Using ITAM for security purposes is also another trend I have been seeing. Knowing what assets you have and where they are can prevent substantial security risk.

When done right, ITAM reduces theft and loss and lowers the threat of malware from pirated software.

3. Why should IT departments consider an ITAM solution right now?

Understanding what assets you have, where they are, and how they are performing is critical for any organization. ITAM ensures your contract, license, and financial data is managed properly, saving you time and money.

In addition, tracking your hardware and software assets helps you get and stay compliant.

Software audits are on the rise. Organizations need to avoid the risks of non-compliance, not only from a financial aspect but also from a security aspect. Unsanctioned software licenses can introduce malware along with a slew of other security threats.

4. What is ITxM?

ITXM encompasses both asset management and service management. We have created the concept of ITxM because there of the variety of roles and responsibilities that crossover between the two disciplines.

For example, both incorporate request and change management. This pushes businesses to bring different sectors of the IT organization together to develop one cohesive strategy.

Be sure to check out the full report below!