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It’s official! LANDESK is now the proud owner of AppSense

AppSenseAcquisitionBestOn April 18, LANDESK officially acquired AppSense. Since we announced our intention to do this deal about a month ago, the feedback we’ve received from customers, partners, industry analysts and the media has been amazing. Apparently we aren’t the only ones who think AppSense is a great fit for LANDESK.

Here are just a few of the things we’ve heard:

Sharp Healthcare, Current LANDESK and AppSense customer

“One thing I’ve always liked about LANDESK is our customer relationship with them. We have the ear of their product managers, engineers, and executives, and that’s huge for us,” said Aaron Ortiz, manager of Enterprise Device Architecture at Sharp HealthCare. “We can’t go to Microsoft and request a product enhancement like we can with LANDESK. We also have the users group conferences, the Product Advisory Council, technical support answering questions, and the people in the broader user community who are helping out on the forums all the time.”

“Using both AppSense and LANDESK at our multiple hospitals has stabilized the IT environment at Sharp HealthCare significantly,” said Donald Nelson, technical system administrator, who helps administrate the organization’s 16,000 desktops and 800 Citrix virtual servers. “Everybody is using the same image and the same policies and procedures. This acquisition will really simplify things for us as administrators. We’ll have one central point of contact for technical support and a common community for knowledge sharing.”

451 Research

There’s still a lot of growth and potential in the desktop virtualization space, particularly as the core technologies underlying it mature. But it has become evident over the past few years that endpoint management will continue to involve physical and virtual desktops alongside each other for the foreseeable future – not to mention the incorporation of disparate mobile devices and unified security across them all. This pairing seems like a good fit, as LANDESK previously had no answer to customers aiming to implement virtual desktops, while AppSense has struggled to broaden beyond its core areas of expertise in the virtual world.

Enterprise Management Associates

Through the acquisition of AppSense, LANDESK is taking a major leap into enabling the management of user workspaces across multi-device environments. Once the AppSense solution is fully integrated into the LANDESK Management Suite, full workspace provisioning, management, and security will be enabled for both virtual and non-virtual environments from a single centralized console – a feat few competitors can currently match.

EMA applauds LANDESK for its acquisition of AppSense as it expands the vendor’s support for evolving user-focused desktop management requirements and for reaffirming its commitment to enabling comprehensive unified endpoint management.


Unifying IT management: IDC believes that LANDESK’s acquisition of AppSense makes sense from both technology and business perspectives. From a technical perspective, IDC believes that many IT organizations are faced with a fragmented and heterogeneous management structure for the traditional, virtualized, and/or mobile endpoint devices in their ecosystem. As digital transformation and mobility increase their presence in the organization’s ecosystem, IT’s need for unified management tools is only increasing in criticality. Therefore, LANDESK’s accumulation and integration of a unified set of endpoint management tools stand to enable the company to go to market with a more compelling one-stop-shop value proposition.

From an AppSense perspective, the deal also makes sense. Although growth had been high, it would be difficult to sustain without significantly ramping its sales and marketing structure as well as scaling its channel partnerships and international presence. The deal effectively triples its customer exposure while, at the same time, more than doubling its global footprint.

Brian Madden, Independent industry analyst

Overall, this is a great deal. AppSense at its core is a great company. The employees I talked to about becoming part of LANDESK are excited about it. (Frankly for many of the same reasons I wrote about here.) LANDESK is excited about it. And I’m excited about it. Congratulations to both companies. Now let’s hurry up and continue to be boring! We have desktops to manage!

Gabe Knuth, Independent industry analyst- TechTarget

You know that feeling you get when you see two people that were meant for each other finally get married? That’s how I felt when I heard that LANDESK acquired AppSense.

LANDESK has a product portfolio that includes nearly everything but the type of user environment management AppSense specializes in. The AppSense-LANDesk deal is too good a fit to not go well.

This move is really exciting, because it keeps AppSense’s technology and people doing the things they do best, all under the umbrella of a company that places more emphasis on products than looking sexy. It genuinely feels like two companies that needed each other got hitched at the right time.

In case you missed it:

Steve Daly, LANDESK CEO, and Steve Morton, LANDESK CMO talk about our reasons behind the acquisition.

Three Ways to Avoid a Software Audit

Notice-Software-AuditOne rainy afternoon several years ago, I waited in a parking lot for a leasing company representative to pick up my car. I leased that car three years earlier so it was time to return it. Unfortunately, I exceeded the mileage in the agreement so I had to provide the representative with a check before he would take back my car. I exceeded the mileage by 3,000 miles and the penalty was 25 cents per mile.

When software auditors come knocking on your door, they are looking to see if your organization has exceeded the number of licenses purchased. Similar to how a penalty is applied for exceeding mileage on a leased car, a penalty is applied when you exceed your license count

LANDESK CEO discusses AppSense Acquisition

It has been a couple of weeks since LANDESK announced its intention to acquire AppSense, and in those weeks, we here at LANDESK have been working hard to ensure that the transition will be as smooth as possible for customers and employees alike. We, like many people, believe that LANDESK and AppSense products provide complimentary capabilities that will only serve to strengthen our overall products.

This move represents a new era for user-centered IT and brings with it significant increases in capabilities, customer support and global foot print. AppSense will provide LANDESK with more opportunities to provide customers with custom-tailored solutions, no matter their virtualization needs. And while some people may think what we are doing here is a tad boring (Brian Madden), we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities that this acquisition brings. We also think that boring can be a pretty good thing when it comes to software you depend on everyday.

Steve Daly (CEO) and Steve Morton (CMO) of LANDESK sat down recently to talk about some of the reasoning behind the acquisition and where they see it going in the future. Both Daly and Morton expressed that a substantial new set of skills and expertise are being brought to LANDESK’s offerings. They also share the three main reasons behind making the move. Daly expresses his desire to expand the LANDESK family and ensure that the company continues to be a great place for awesome people to do fantastic work.

For more details on what AppSense will be bringing to the LANDESK family of products see the video below.

The BCS Sits Down With LANDESK to Discuss ITSM

LANDESK’s Ian Aitchison recently had an opportunity to sit down with the British Computer Society’s Brian Runciman to discuss ITSM. Aitchison offered some insight into the current state of ITSM and how LANDESK is striving to optimize our product for the needs of an ever-changing market. This includes increasing productivity, saving money and simplifying the user experience.

Aitchison also discusses current challenges faced by IT departments and ITSM in general. This includes integration, mobile support and individual experiences. He goes on to discuss how LANDESK’s new world of integration involves multiple innovative steps and how this process combines different components, quicker and provides a better user experience. While this has the underlying processes have grown increasingly complex, LANDESK’s solution has continued to simplify the user interface.

Happy Holidays: The Corporate Wish List

466159259Christmas is a special time of year, especially when you’ve had your eye on that new gadget forever. Now you have an excuse to surprise yourself, or extra motivation to get more specific in your hints to a significant other, or family member. These hints can vary in tenacity from the subtle to the downright blatant. But, when considering just how aggressive to be in your quest, a larger question should preclude your actions… how bad do you want it?

In fact, there are several employees here at LANDESK whose ‘family pets’ frequently buy them gifts. And we’re not talking a dead bird or mouse on the front step, we are talking about the family dog buying them everything from 60 inch televisions to the latest iPhone (some people’s pets have better taste than others). Some gifts, however, are just unattainable…for now. There are several employees around the office that would trek to the North Pole if it meant that they could get their hands on an Apple Watch.

This got us thinking: what would the employees at a technology company want for Christmas? We decided to build a list of just what employees here at LANDESK asked Santa for this year. However, their answers surprised even us! As we surveyed the team, we assumed that at a company full of technology-minded individuals we would solicit responses that mention every gadget and doodad currently on the market. We were hoping to hear of things that we had no idea existed. And while we received a few of those answers, the majority of people at LANDESK wanted anything but technology, and quite a few had absolutely no idea what they wanted for Christmas! We feel bad for the people buying your gifts if you still have no idea what you want for Christmas this late in the game (we assume it means that there are lots of clothes, socks and gift cards in your future.)

The consensus seems to be that many of our good employees refuse to wait till Christmas to get their electronic goodies. Fair enough, but can you really have too many electronics, especially now that so many of them communicate with each other?

Ultimately, we decided to give you two lists. One for the technology lover in your life (that hasn’t already bought everything they want), and low-tech gift ideas for the person that has everything already.

Without further ado, here are the “low-tech” gifts (organized from the practical to the practically insane):

1. Fast and Furious Box Set– We can’t get enough of Fast and the Furious here at the office (okay it’s only two of us) but you might have someone that feels the same way we do.

2. Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!- Self-explanatory. If you don’t understand, see this.

3. Minoura W-3100 Bike Repair Stand– If you have a cyclist in your life, you can’t go wrong here.

4. Skis– It’s up to you on brand, but here in Utah this would be a VERY nice gift. Even if the skis can’t tell you snow temperature, density, barometric pressure… you get the idea.

5. Guns- Many varieties were mentioned. User discretion applies.

6. Foosball Table– Ah this one takes us back to our college years! Who doesn’t want one of these in their house?

7. Direct Port Nitrous Injection– If you are thinking of buying this for someone that has “a heavy right foot,” you might want to consider a car cover or something else.

8. Sage One Fly Rod– This is one expensive, top-of-the-line, piece of equipment for the outdoors-man in your life. Admittedly the person who suggested this for Christmas had already been told no by his wife.– Come on Santa!

9. Caribbean Cruise– Nothing says the holidays like the lack of snow and warm, sandy beaches.

10. Husqvarna FE  350 Motorcycle– Go-fast goodies will put a smile on anyone’s face!

11. Polaris RZR– This was mentioned a couple of times. Everyone likes a toy that GOES FAST and costs as much, if not more, than a car! You can buy accessories for them too, so maybe go that route.

12. A Boyfriend with a Job– Now, we are not sure exactly where you buy one of these, but it seemed to be a desirable gift according to the single ladies around the office.

13. Student Loans Paid Off– This one is but a dream for a lot of us, but if there is a Santa out there, we’d be good all year!

Now let’s get to the techy gifts! (Again, organized from the practical to the practically insane)

1. Fitbit– ‘Tis the season to take control of your health, especially with those New Year’s resolutions coming up!

2. Go Pro Hero 4– Everyone should have one of these! We would have a lot less hilarious and amazing YouTube videos without them!

3. Xbox One– Everyone needs a system to play the new Assassins Creed or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on. This gift is sure to please kids of all ages, be it 12 or 42.

4. iPhone 6– Whether it is of the 6 Plus variety is up to how well you know the person you’re buying it for. Choose wisely.

5. Samsung Note 4– Who doesn’t want a tablet and phone all in one device?

6. ScanDisk 4TB SSD– A solid state drive with four Terabytes!  It’s what gamer’s dreams are made of!

7. 5K iMac– The creme de la creme of Apple computing these days, and the price tag shows it. Someone just might love you forever if they unwrap this thing unexpectedly (if they don’t already).

8. Samsung Curved Screen 65″ TV– This beauty is state-of-the-art for the next month or two. Big TVs always seem to be a crowd pleaser, although most people agree that they are unsure of why the screen is curved.

9. Drone– Not only do they protect our country, but now you can personally own one. While not equipped with missiles, this drone can help you capture some fantastic aerial footage and you can use it with the Go Pro Hero 4 you asked for.

10. Home Automation– Control your entire house from your desk at work. I hope Santa is an accomplished electrician.

11. Tesla Model S– Hopefully you have at least $80,000 stashed away for this one, and that is for the base model. This makes the 5K iMac look like an affordable option, but you’d be saving the environment in style.

But before you go crazy, insisting on the perfect gift, or rewarding yourself, just remember that old saying “It is always better to give than receive.” Hopefully we can all remember that Christmas is about giving, and spending time with those you love, which is the most precious commodity of all. So here is our gift to you from all of us here at LANDESK! It’s made with the most important ingredient of all… technology… oh and love. Happy holidays! Have a cookie on us.

LANDESK Wins Best B2B Mobile Website!

sb10066898h-001Our team at LANDESK works tirelessly. Not to win awards, but to bring you the best possible customer service, satisfaction and experience possible. Frequently that work ethic translates to award winning performances. That is why we want to take this opportunity to congratulate our web team. They epitomize the LANDESK work ethic.

We recently launched an all-new landesk.com website. Countless man— and woman— hours went into creating a site that offered the best user experience possible. Long hours and late nights were the norm for the web team, as they worked to pull everything together. They can now rest a little easier knowing that their efforts have been appreciated, not just by us here at the company, but by the Web Marketing Association as well.

We are thrilled to announce that LANDESK has won Best B2B Mobile Website! Our incredible web team took the initiative to ensure that each and every customer had a pleasant experience with the site, taking into special consideration how much of that interaction takes place from mobile devices.

And the awards don’t stop there.

Recently, our marketing team was also awarded with not one, but two different awards for excellence for our User-Oriented IT campaign! The first was the prestigious Gold Stevie Award for Marketing Campaign of the Year in software, presented by The American Business Awards, and the second was the Standard of Excellence Award, presented by the Web Marketing Association.

Once again, the work ethic and consistent pursuit of excellence resulted in an award worthy performance. While we don’t do it for the awards, rest assured that LANDESK is working to bring you the highest quality in every aspect of our business, whether it is a web site, a marketing campaign or our products.

LANDESK Customer Success Story: The Cheesecake Factory

cheesecakefactoryThe Cheesecake Factory, Inc., headquartered in Calabasas Hills, California, created the upscale casual dining segment in 1978 with the introduction of its namesake concept. The company operates 181 full-service, casual dining restaurants throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It also operates two bakery production facilities in Calabasas Hills and Rocky Mount, North Carolina that produce approximately 70 varieties of quality cheesecakes and other baked products. In 2014, The Cheesecake Factory was named to Fortune magazine’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For” and in 2013 posted total revenues of $1.88 billion.

Challenge: Replace Inefficient Tools and Manual Management of Network

Operating 181 restaurants spread across the United States and Puerto Rico presented a challenge for The Cheesecake Factory’s IT department. “The PCs and Point-of-Sale [POS] terminals at all of our locations are hundreds and in some cases thousands of miles away from our IT center in Calabasas Hills, California,” said Susan Tincher, Senior IT Manager. “Troubleshooting and repairing those machines was no easy task, but it’s one of our top priorities. We do everything from ordering food and equipment to processing customer credit card payments on those devices. If they aren’t running properly, that can affect business and the bottom line.”

Limited Remote Control Features

Considering the geographic spread of the PCs and POS terminals, the ability to remotely control each device was critical. “If a restaurant reported issues with a machine,” continued Tincher, “we were very limited in our ability to not only understand what they were experiencing, but also limited in our ability to fix the problem. The remote control tool we were using simply did not have the features or performance to handle the job. In too many instances, we had to dispatch one of our partner’s technicians to resolve the problem. That was an expensive alternative, but we had no choice.”

Patching Is Time Consuming and Expensive

Patching was also a critical issue, especially given the strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) that The Cheesecake Factory must follow. “We are a Tier 1 PCI merchant,” explained Tincher. “To maintain that level, which is very important to us, we must comply with their patching standard. Before, we used the Windows tool to patch our Windows applications and another product to patch our non-Windows software. Neither had the comprehensive capabilities we needed, and using two separate tools was a hassle. Also, the non-Windows solution required a dedicated server and additional expenses.”

Several Software Installation Options, None Ideal

Distributing software was just as labor intensive. “We used a variety of approaches to install software,” said Tincher, “We would install it on new machines before shipping them to the restaurants, or we’d use Windows Group Policy objects which was a challenge all in itself, or as a last resort we would ask a partner to install it manually onsite. None of these choices was ideal or foolproof. We needed to reduce the time and costs related to managing our widespread network, so we decided to implement a fully automated management solution.”

Solution: IT Technicians Choose Automated Management Suite

The IT department put together a team to research the leading network management products on the market. “They spent an extensive amount of time analyzing the different vendors,” said Tincher. “And it was a collective decision. Every technician had input because this was such an important selection; it would affect the entire company. In the end, they chose LANDESK. It was the most full-featured product they examined, and it’s proven to be the perfect choice for us.”

Full-Featured Remote Control

The solution provides full remote control capabilities. “We can remote in to a PC while the users are logged on and see exactly what they see,” said Tincher. “Then we can take control and make any changes necessary. We still use our partner as a backup resource, but they go onsite much less often and they even use LANDESK now. If a PC or POS terminal at a restaurant is having a problem, that’s a business-continuity issue that we must address immediately. Now we can.”

Prove PCI Compliance with a Report

Patching is easier and faster using one tool. “The solution allows us to be smarter and more judicious,” said Tincher. “We can now ensure the patches match the exact requirements of the environment where they will be deployed. And for our next PCI audit, all we have to do is generate a LANDESK report that shows we are compliant. That’s all the auditors require. Before, our technicians spent hours over several weeks gathering the audit data. Now, it couldn’t be easier.”

Mission Critical and Pays for Itself

Installing new software requires a minimal amount of a technician’s time. “Once a new application is set up in LANDESK,” explained Tincher, “the technician can click the mouse, then walk away while it automatically installs. We recently updated our PCs to Windows 7 and our POS terminals to POSReady 2009. Before, that would have taken thousands of hours and cost tens of thousands of dollars because a technician would have had to touch each machine. LANDESK did the migrations accurately and uniformly in a fraction of the time. Having one tool that does everything we need is a huge benefit. From an IT point of view, the solution is absolutely mission-critical to the success of our company. In fact, we’ve hired a dedicated LANDESK administrator to ensure we make the best use of its many capabilities. The more features we tap into, the more time and money we save. I recommend LANDESK to my peers. It pays for itself and makes life easier for your IT department.”

LANDESK launches major website update

NewsiteBlogWhen you are wandering around the internet, loading page after page, you don’t realize how many hours can go into the sites that you are loading in mere seconds. That’s the beauty of technology. But just take a second and think about how many thousands of intricate pieces go into creating just one site. I can attest to how many hours it takes, as I’ve watched our web team work around the clock to make sure LANDESK.com 8.0 does not disappoint.

Their tireless efforts have paid off. The new site is better in every perceivable way. It’s a monumental step forward for LANDESK. Here are 10 reasons the new site is even better!

  1. Navigation– The new site has drastically improved the ability to navigate quickly and find what you are looking for. The single click entry menus allow a user to go directly into second and third level pages from anywhere on the website. We call them Mega-Menus! This type of navigation ensures that users are only one click away from the information they need.
  2. Mobile-friendly responsive design– In this day-and-age a considerable amount of web browsing happens on mobile devices. We’ve optimized the site for mobile with this in mind. The site scales easily and ensures that you receive a consistent experience whether on a phone, tablet or laptop.
  3. Product pages– Our product sections have been refreshed with a plethora of rich content. More resources are available to help you easily compare products and make the right decision for your organization. We have also included more white papers, data sheets and videos than ever before.
  4. LANDESK TV– All LANDESK videos can now be found on the website. They are listed in three categories; chalk talk videos, customer success videos and product videos. This gives you easy access to new content to learn about LANDESK and our products.
  5. LANDESK Support– Our support section has been reorganized to ensure that customers can get help when they need it. There are real-time feeds that take you directly to conversations that are taking place on our user community. Phone numbers, documents, download and other helpful information is just a click away.
  6. New blog– We think our new blog is much more visually appealing and easier to navigate, with categories to make the information you want to discover even easier to find.
  7. Find a partner is easier– Our ‘Find a Partner’ feature now lets you to fine tune your search to find a partner in your area, become a partner, or login to the partner portal. We have also separated the partners into categories to help you find the partner you’re looking for.
  8. Customer Success– Our customer success section has also received a face-lift. You can now easily filter LANDESK customers by region, industry, and what products they use, making it easier than ever to see how others have been successful with LANDESK.
  9. Careers– Do you want to work with us? The careers page is also easier to navigate, with a search function that allows you to specify a location as well as search which departments are hiring.
  10. Analyst reports– Our complementary analyst reports are more accessible, and require less information from you, before you are able to access them.

We could go on and on about the great new features LANDESK.com offers, but we thought we’d let you see for yourself. Explore the site and see if you can find other new features to be excited about. If you do, let us know in the comments section below.


Get Your Kicks From 9.6: Total User Management Social Media Contest

Soapstone external photo You may have already seen some of the fun we’ve been having here at LANDESK, as we host a social media contest for our employees in order to celebrate the launch of Total User Management 9.6. In fact, as this is being typed, employees around the office are scavenging every nook and cranny of the office, trying to find clues that lead to riches beyond their wildest dreams… well, if those riches constitute awesome gift cards and gift baskets. But why are we telling you this? Certainly not just to rub it in. We are telling you this because we saved the best part of our contest for you.

We want you to celebrate with us, and in the meantime, possibly make yourself a little better off in the world for participating. We saved the best prizes for you guys. I would love to tell you what they are, but you are just going to have to stay tuned and see for yourself as we begin our contest next week. Watch your emails’ and LANDESK’s social media channels for details on what is coming your way.

I can, however, tell you that the contest will be similar to how are employees are participating currently. There will be two ways to win:

  • Win It- In this competition we will send out instructions on how to participate via email and social. Then, you register your social media handle with us so we can track your participation. Next, send out the image or message we ask you to share and you will immediately be entered into a daily drawing for gift cards, and to win the grand prize at the end of the contest. Your name will be place in the drawing once for every day you participate, so stay on top of it in order to maximize your chances.
  • Earn It- This competition takes action. In order to win this contest, you’ll have to create content in to win points. As you complete the social media activities we give you on a daily basis, we will give you a point amount assigned to that activity. At the end of it all, the person with the most points will walk away with the grand prize. Don’t be discouraged if you miss a day though, different day’s activities can be worth substantially different points, so hang in there.

We hope you will join along in celebrating the launch of Total User Management 9.6 (available July 22), which is easier to use, optimized for enterprise and more user-focused. Stay tuned for more details and good luck!

Superheroes, Starships and a Button Marked Easy: The Total User Management Competition for Inter-Office Supremacy

Enterprise and LANDESK go hand-in-hand.

Confused by the headline of this article? If you worked at LANDESK, those three things would make perfect sense to you. If they don’t, it’s because you either haven’t been participating in our launch game for the release of LANDESK Management Suite and Security Suite 9.6 (available today, July 22, 2014),  or you don’t work here. In either case, let me bring you up to speed.

In the spirit of friendly competition, and to help people learn what enhancements LANDESK 9.6 adds to our Total User Management solution we decided to invite employees to participate in a veritable Coliseum of inter-office games. Pitting employee against employee in a game that would test their wills’, and push them to the brink… Ok so it’s a social media and scavenger hunt game, but it has been competitive nonetheless.

3 ways to win

So let me explain how this competition is currently taking place and shaping up. There are three ways to win: Win It, Earn It and Find It, which align nicely with our three themes for LANDESK 9.6 — Easy to use, Enterprise-enabled, and User-focused.

  • Win It is the easiest. Every day, we post a link to a blog or something to tweet. Those who take the time to retweet the link enter themselves in a drawing for a daily prize worth up to $25. We choose a winner every day, and that is about as simple as life gets. Much like the simplicity that the latest version of Total User Management with LANDESK 9.6 offers, but not half as rewarding. The grand prize drawing is worth $400.
  • Next is Earn It. This contest is where the competition heats up. Participants must retweet, create content and post individual comments in order to earn points toward a $500 gift certificate. Currently, we have people from across the globe participating. The race is close, and even if one started the competition today, they still have a fighting chance at winning a $100 gift certificate, as long as they accumulate over 50 points.
  • Finally, we have the Find It option. Now, this competition is only occurring in our Salt Lake office, because it’s a hands on scavenger hunt where participants receive clues from an app called Aurasma (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should). In order to gain a head start, employees must tweet out a picture of objects they have found using the clues from the app. Every picture tweeted is worth a two minute head start for the final scavenger hunt. The winner of the final scavenger hunt will receive a gift basket with a variety of gift cards, worth up to $600.

How’s it going?

Currently the competition is fierce and very close. But if you are an employee, don’t dismay. There is still plenty of time to enter and at least give yourself the opportunity to win one of the drawings. We have already drawn three lucky Win It winners. There is still the opportunity in two more drawings, as well as the drawing for the $100 dollar gift certificate if you earn over 50 points. And there’s still time to gain important time advantages in the scavenger hunt.

What about me? 

Now, I know what you’re thinking if you aren’t a LANDESK employee. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Man that would be fun to win some prizes, I wish I worked there!” Well you’re in luck my friend. We will be hosting similar contests for our customers and partners beginning within the week, so stay tuned for emails and social media posts about the games. We’ve saved the best prizes for our customers and partners, so you can get excited about LANDESK 9.6 too! We look forward to playing these social games with you.