The BCS Sits Down With LANDESK to Discuss ITSM

LANDESK’s Ian Aitchison recently had an opportunity to sit down with the British Computer Society’s Brian Runciman to discuss ITSM. Aitchison offered some insight into the current state of ITSM and how LANDESK is striving to optimize our product for the needs of an ever-changing market. This includes increasing productivity, saving money and simplifying the user experience.

Aitchison also discusses current challenges faced by IT departments and ITSM in general. This includes integration, mobile support and individual experiences. He goes on to discuss how LANDESK’s new world of integration involves multiple innovative steps and how this process combines different components, quicker and provides a better user experience. While this has the underlying processes have grown increasingly complex, LANDESK’s solution has continued to simplify the user interface.