Benchmarking the Service Desk

Most people, regardless of their job role or the industry they work in, are interested in what their peers do, so they can compare and benchmark themselves. In fact, I love networking events for that very reason, and use them as a way to learn about better ways of doing things by picking the brains of my fellow networkers!

The LANDesk customers I speak to, feel the same. There is not always time to get out of the office and network, or read lengthy best practice whitepapers. So, for some years now, I have been working with the Service Desk Institute (SDI) in the UK to run a bi-annual survey so that we can benchmark various aspects of the service desk environment and create an easy to read report.

We ask lots of different questions from service desk salaries (let’s be honest…we all want to know what our peers earn) through to more details on adoption of service desk processes such as SLAs and of course, the all-important reporting and analytics.

It is always interesting to read through the results and look at how things are evolving in the fast paced environment of a service desk. I think one of the most interesting statistics is that 96% of service desks will use self-service to combat smaller team sizes. It is interesting that the report highlights that staff numbers have been shrinking since 2007 and seemingly, the adoption of service desk technologies is being used as a way to ensure that the end-user still receives a high level of customer service.

It is also really heartening to see that the main indicator of success for service desks is customer satisfaction and the SDI tell me that they see an increase in the demand for analysts who have fantastic customer service skills. There is a perception that technical skills can be learnt but customer service is more to do with personality and attitude… maybe a bit controversial but, in my humble opinion, very true.

I’d probably say that there will be no major, fall off your chair with shock, surprises in this report for you hard-working, well informed Service Desk professionals out there BUT I think it is well worth a read, it is definitely food for thought, and who knows, you might pick up a tip or two!