The One Service Management Team Productivity Hack You Need To Know

PeterDrukerQuote-Productivity_smlTake a look at the photos of physical workspaces at the LANDESK office.

  1. The first is a base-level configuration that all staff in any department start with; desk, chair etc.
  2. The next is one of our customer support managers; notice he needs two screens to monitor to his teams activity and another for other work.
  3. The third is the workspace of one of the problem managers, who has three screens to show information from their testing environments, which are elevated to the position that gives her the best working experience.
  4. The final is an analyst that, among other vital pieces of equipment, requires a headset to take calls easily.

Ease of Use, How Important is It?

Do you remember the days before we had Windows Operating Systems, iPhones, Facebook and Twitter? When Microsoft released DOS, they said it was easy to use. It was easy for geeks and nerds but that’s about it. No, it wasn’t even easy for them. You had to memorize a bunch of commands, navigate through folders and subfolders by typing in commands which worked if you could remember the folder structure. DOS was never easy like products we see coming to market today.

Users expect easy-to-use products.

We are seeing a new generation of business users that are native to technology and expect an intuitive product. When developing technology we have to think about simplicity and usability while still offering competitive capabilities.  Mature technology companies face a common problem in that many of their products were developed 5 to 10 years ago.

The product team here at LANDesk wondered how can you take an existing product and make it easier to use. We realized this was a challenging task, but not impossible. We knew that we couldn’t boil the ocean, so we had to look at the most common tasks completed by our users and what causes them pain. When we observed our users in Management Suite, we realized one of the most common pains was how to quickly extract the vital information in a usable format.  Once we realized that a lot of our customers had the same pain, we decided to find a way to make that easier.

Once we gathered this information, we set out on a mission to build a product that would solve this problem. We recently released a product called LANDesk® Console Inspector, which is an advanced, context-sensitive tool that displays relevant information about a selected object in the LANDesk® Management Suite console. This enables system administrators to solve problems faster and with more information. Creating an application to extract specific information is a crucial element of a truly easy-to-use tool. If it is difficult to get the information out of the tool, especially in a meaningful format, the tool is not easy to use.

We understand the need to create software that is relevant and solves your problems and meets the needs of modern organizations. The Console Inspector is just the beginning of many new products and capabilities that focuses on the users’ experience.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve your LANDesk experience, send us an email or leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing your cthoughts, and we look forward to making your LANDesk experience better.