Cross-Platform Software Distribution Bundles in LANDESK 2016

Starting with LANDESK 2016, mobile management is fully integrated into the LDMS console–allowing new ways to manage PCs and mobile together. One way this integration has the potential to simplify day-to-day tasks is through the use of software distribution package bundling.


The first thing you’ll notice is that creating mobile packages is very similar to–and located in the same place as–software packages for Windows, Mac, and Linux. So current LANDESK Management Suite customers should have no problem finding their way around creating mobile packages. The true power, however, comes from the integration. If we create a new software bundle, we can not only add different software packages, but you can add software packages for different platforms. So, in this example, I’m going to create a software bundle for Microsoft OneNote.


After creating the software bundle, it’s a simple matter to start adding software distribution packages. We’ll start by creating an iOS software package. Once in the dialog, search the iOS App Store for the app you’re looking for and it will pull back all the details including screenshots and description.



Likewise, we can continue to add OneNote packages to our bundle to cover all the other platforms I intend to target.


Once we’ve created our OneNote bundle, we now have the flexibility to truly target users. This way, my help desk technicians don’t need to worry about what types of devices an end user has. They just target the end user and we handle, in the background making sure the right software gets to the right device. Likewise, this applies to publishing apps to the software portal in LANDESK Workspaces. This greatly simplifies the software distribution process across all the devices you manage–mobile or PC.