The Future Looks Bright

Welcome to the inaugural post in the official LANDesk blog. In the 25 years LANDesk has been in operation we’ve been helping people make their IT operations run better, smoother and more efficiently. So why a blog? Why now?

Frankly, in the past our voice may have been diminished or muffled to a certain extent. LANDesk has, in the past, been “part of something bigger.” Originally we were part of Intel. Several years ago the company was acquired by Avocent. And a few years ago we became part of Emerson. Fast forward to today and it’s been just over a year since we emerged from Emerson with the backing from the leading investment company Thoma-Bravo. Now, we have our own story to tell.

Our story has always remained consistent. It’s about our core commitment to listening to customers and delivering solutions they need. This customer focused strategy continues to be the foundation of what we do. This customer commitment also explains why LANDesk keeps growing and customers stick with us year in and year out. In fact, you can hear what our customers say about us by reading their stories on our website.

Mobility Diverse Users

Mobility brings its own set of challenges to IT that are unique and diverse. Just like those users.

Perhaps it’s because we listen and respond to our customers that they come to us for help solving emerging challenges. Things like the explosion of mobile devices and making sure you are actively managing the software assets in use at your organization. Add to this the need to quickly, painlessly and efficiently move users from one platform to another and I’m confident we’ll have plenty to talk about here at the LANDesk blog.

The reality is that IT is always growing, changing and becoming more complex. This constant change brings great innovation. It also brings the challenge of being able to manage access to data and systems while keeping productivity high. Helping you be successful in these situations is what we’re about at LANDesk. So expect us to share our ideas here. We’ll have a number of our top people contributing to the blog and a variety of topics. Expect to get great resources to help you understand a new problem, make a plan to tackle a current challenge or learn about trends sure to spawn new challenge for tomorrow. I’m confident you’ll find great value in what we have to share as you check in with us regularly.

Don’t be shy, we want to hear your thoughts and get your perspective. We’ll be watching for comments here on the blog. You can always emails us at or if you want to be really old fashioned just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d love to talk to you about what you’re facing in your organization and see what we can do to help.


Steve Daly