Gartner CEO Survey 2012: Profitability


In today’s economy, business leaders are focused on increasing profitability so they can put money in the bank. Cash, after all, is good! IT organizations are always asked how they can increase efficiency, do more with fewer resources, and help the overall organization increase profitability. So how does IT do this?

When thinking about current IT pains like slow systems, expensive break/fix work, time to recover from power failures, and the like, IT organizations need to map the impact of these problems to profit.  How many more customers could the business serve with faster systems?  How much profit would this generate?  Could there be a reduction in spending on fixing down systems with proactive maintenance?  How much of these savings would drop to net earnings?  By thinking in terms of results to the business, it becomes easier to prioritize those IT initiatives that actually drive profit in the business.

Effective systems management can help IT organizations reduce the time it takes to fix problems, implement preventive measures to increase system up time and availability, to patch systems when vulnerabilities and performance issues have been identified, or identify the endpoints that need to be cycled out before user productivity has been impacted.

We believe that all of these items and many more are important to helping IT organization add to the organizations bottom line. Both our Systems and Security product lines and Service Desk products help IT organizations build value within the organization by automating and optimizing manual IT processes, resulting in higher profitability for the organization.

Keeping the organization’s bottom line in mind is one way to keep IT relevant and help get our organization the tools you need to succeed.