Help I’ve Forgotten My Password…again!

Reset my password!

I’m writing this blog while waiting for a response from whom I shall refer to as “Your Company IT Failed Me” to my email – “Help I’ve Forgotten My Password”. Yes, once again I’ve forgotten my password and “Your Company IT Failed Me” doesn’t have any way of recovering or resetting passwords, so I’m twiddling my thumbs waiting for someone to email me and get me back into the system.

Woolley Headed End Users

Meanwhile it got me thinking. How many times has that email or phone call hit that company’s call queue in the last month and how much time have they wasted responding in person? For many of you in service desk land I guess it’s a pretty typical daily occurrence that takes up valuable time of analysts. Analysts, who at the same time are getting frustrated and annoyed with woolley headed end users like myself, because we are stopping them from doing real IT work.

As organizations attempt to secure their IT data and environments they implement ever more rigorous policies, which leads to more complex password rules that result in end users like me creating dozens of different passwords then promptly forgetting them. And if it’s forgotten outside of business hours then it might not get a fixed until the morning causing the kind of down time that no end user customer can afford.

Under Fire

It’s a complete productivity killer and can give rise to some pretty unhappy end user customers. Your call queues are blocked with lots of simple reset requests and other end users with more complex issues are still waiting for resolutions. The service desk then, once again, comes under fire for something that is easily solvable. An HDI survey found that more than 30%* of all service desk calls deal with password complexities and resets. Imagine what you could do if you got back that 30% of your time!

Of course long call queues and higher than necessary service desk headcount utilisation with a shrinking budget is an unnecessary cost that you just can’t afford. So both the end user and the service desk lose.

How can you both be on the same winning side again? Two words – Password Management. I say Password Management, because resets are only half the story. You can do a whole lot more from a productivity and security perspective if you broaden your thinking beyond simple Active Directory resets.

Imagine IT Done

  • Imagine opening a ticket, entering the service desk password reset request, storing the information, closing the ticket and capturing your information security metrics through automation. The cost savings would add up fast.
  • Imagine how happy your end users would be if you gave them not one but multiple ways to reset their passwords even if they are locked out of their computer
  • Imagine simplifying password maintenance by synchronizing passwords to one log in for all systems and applications per end user identity.
  • Imagine centrally enforcing corporate strong password rules and reducing vulnerabilities by making passwords more difficult to crack.
  • Imagine reducing your end user frustrations when a user tries to think of and change their password by coaching them with explanations of password policies, testing password strength, and recommending how susceptible a password is to brute force attacks.

It’s Time to Revolt

I say, it’s time to hand the power of password management back to the end user customer and eradicate password reset requests from your call queues. Eliminate time previously wasted by your service desk staff in conducting enterprise password management while still providing the IT security audit controls necessary to verify users while saving you money.

By employing password management you can change how the service desk operates; reduce unnecessary call volumes, improve service levels, reduce maintenance and administration, take care of security and improve end user productivity while at the same time dramatically reducing costs that are associated with password management.

Do you hear me “Your Company IT Failed Me” – I’m talking to You!

Password Management – Start Your Own Revolution