How to work with– not against– employees with MDM

One of the biggest challenges IT faces with MDM is getting and keeping devices enrolled. As long as Apple and Google continue to cater their mobile OSes to the consumer market, IT will need to find ways to keep devices secure, and secure means under management. If the recent battle between FBI and Apple teaches us anything, it should serve as a warning to IT departments everywhere to make sure their devices are truly managed with some form of MDM. So, how does one keep devices under management? To figure this out, we need to take a look at why a user might want their device managed. For starters, users only want to be productive. In fact, the only time a user reaches out to IT it’s because they can’t be productive and want some help. With that in mind, here are three ways to enforce security without posting a secret service detail:

  • First, focus on making your users productive. Using an end-user portal, such as LANDESK Workspaces, you can publish helpful documents, apps they might need to get their job done, and important links. This actually helps users get their jobs done and helps them to help themselves.
  • Alternatively, with LANDESK 2016, you can quarantine Exchange email until devices are enrolled. Once a user goes through the process of enrolling their device, it’s added to the Exchange device whitelist and the user can start using email, contacts, and calendar on their mobile phone or tablet. Considering that this is the way most mobile devices are used when they’re used for productivity, this is a great way to ensure your corporate assets are secure.
  • And finally, if the devices in your environment are BYOD, but you still need to secure them, try LANDESK Mobile Security Suite. Without installing any MDM at all, we can secure corporate email and attachments in the native email client on their device. They stay productive and you can sleep better knowing a lost device doesn’t mean lost corporate IP.

Productive users are happy users, but secure devices make you happy. By employing one of these methods, you both will be happy.