Isn’t it Time We Talked About User-Oriented IT?

Yesterday at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Management Summit in Orlando, I addressed a great group of people on the seismic shift that is underway in IT. I argued that this shift is forcing IT leaders to recognize that a new era has arrived; the era of User-Oriented IT. During my address I challenged the industry to acknowledge the new world we live in by moving from device pricing to one price per user. I’m sure that some of our competitors found this position troubling and we couldn’t leave things alone. In follow-up to the meeting, we also released a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal that outlines the competitive landscape for secure management solutions and declares LANDesk’s approach the winning approach. It has been a busy week. While it may seem to some that we are merely stirring up controversy, our goal is larger. We want to get people talking. The proliferation of devices and increasingly heterogeneous environments we encounter demand that a conversation be started.

If you have been keeping track of LANDesk you will have noticed that we are passionate about User-Oriented IT.  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of User-Oriented IT, let me provide you with a quick backgrounder. For much of IT’s history, devices were the central focus in management. In the last few years, a host of new challenges have arrived that have shaken things up. BYOD, multiple devices, increasingly mobile employees, and tech savvy end users are a few examples. These new dynamics have come on the scene as the demand for secure management, device management, full compliance and high user productivity are taking center stage in the IT management discussion. We believe that these changes have initiated a new period where the end user is the central focus or ultimate endpoint. User-Oriented IT is about keeping the end user at the center, while balancing flexibility with the demands of IT control.

This week, our focus has been on secure user management and its ability to help IT gain control in delivering services. This concept is a key part of bringing a User-Oriented IT approach to your enterprise. Through LANDesk’s Total User Management and Secure User Management solutions, every enterprise can have a clear view of their IT operations and a consistent user experience.

LANDesk gives you all the pieces to better manage, secure, support and maximize productivity for any user, anywhere, using any device or application.

Here are some of the ways that LANDesk‘s User-Oriented IT approach empowers you:

  • LANDesk offers one price per end user, no matter how many devices are managed (including BYODs).
  • LANDesk’s patented “Targeted Multicast” is the only solution recommended by analysts for distributed users.
  • LANDesk offers the world’s fastest software and patch management.
  • LANDesk has an integrated solution for systems management, endpoint security, mobility and ITSM for premise, cloud, or for both.
  • LANDesk manages anything there ever was, anything there ever will be. This means we coexist with and actually fix competitors’ weaknesses.

Isn’t it time we had a conversation on User-Oriented IT? What are your thoughts on secure management and User-Oriented IT?  Let’s get the conversation started.