IT Management and Utilities

IT Management is often like utilities, taken for granted until something goes wrong.

IT Management is often like utilities, taken for granted until something goes wrong.

People talk about IT management and how the solutions are so…Wait… Are you falling asleep already???

The joke of late has been that IT Management is necessary, but mundane. Therefore, a “boring” IT management provider is what you should expect. It’s kind of like utilities. Anyone have a great story about their energy provider? Miles of cables, neatly strung, 40-feet (12 meters) above the ground, goes unnoticed in the landscape. Or natural gas mains, buried deep below the streets, silently bringing the energy you need to heat your home and cook dinner for your family.

In a lot of ways, IT management is thought of in the same way: silently working in the background. It should go unseen by users. It is taken for granted that it’s there.

But wait a minute…

How do we react when we lose electricity to our homes? Suddenly, mayhem ensues as everyone in the house begins fumbling for flashlights or candles. A well-planned evening of dinner, children doing homework, catching up on a television program – all completely disrupted because this trusted, and always-on service was disrupted. Now, what are you all supposed to do? And whether the electric is off for a few hours, or overnight, we talk about it for DAYS afterword.

Once again, the parallel to IT Management proves true. It is absolute that IT management should be transparent to your users. However, we can all appreciate the chaos that would come with any disruption…or what it’s like for a small business that has yet to implement such a solution. Without the protection offered by IT and the user management you judiciously govern, users would run amuck. Could you imagine trying to sleep at night while wondering if your corporate data is secure, or what evildoers were hacking into your business? Now, that’s something people would talk about for days!

So, when you think about your IT management solution, take comfort. You are the sentry. The guard who is always on duty, protecting your users while empowering them to be productive. You’re the protector of corporate data. Always vigilant, ready and prepared. And though nothing exciting may have happened, that’s exactly what you want – for nothing exciting to happen.