ITAM Expert Talks Trends, the Future of ITxM, and Sherlock Holmes

In case you haven’t heard, LANDESK was recently named Champion in the IT Asset Management Vendor Landscape Report by the Info-Tech Research Group. (Read the free report below.)

“LANDESK offers the most comprehensive IT and software asset management software out there,” said CEO, Steve Daly, “and we love that prominent influencers are pointing IT and finance leaders our way.”

We sat down with ITAM Product Manager Todd Labrum to get his thoughts on the report.

1. Talk about the Info-Tech report. What are the big takeaways for you?

The biggest takeaway for me is the number of great companies in the ITAM market.

As a product manager, I’m always looking at my competition and how we compare. I’m excited to see that Info-Tech has placed us in the Champion quadrant as it illustrates that our development efforts and strategy are paying off. I would like to say to all competitors in this report and market to watch out! There’s a lot more coming!

2. You go to a lot of events and talk to a lot of customers. What are the biggest trends in ITAM right now? Which way are the industry winds blowing?

I see three major trends in ITAM right now:

1. Organizations are wanting to know what assets they have and where they are, especially when it comes to the data center. This is in part caused by major data center publishers auditing customers to see if they’re using their software correctly.

2. Another trend is dependency mapping and what-if analysis of your assets. The key reason for this trend is that organizations are looking for help with budget forecasting, impact analysis, license optimization, and risk management. Organizations are looking for ways to optimize their assets and plan for the future, and it needs to be easy.

3. Automation, automation, automation. With so many different systems, applications, processes, departments, etc., automation tools are important to streamline corporate processes.

For example, wouldn’t it be nice to have a process that automatically orders a new laptop or software license from your reseller when you run out of stock and requests for these assets are coming in? Or how about a process to help with employee off-boarding? Do you know what assets they have and where they are? Automating these processes will ensure you’re on top of your assets.

3. Why should IT departments consider an ITAM solution right now?

Who wouldn’t?! There’s so much going on in an organization’s IT network, that you need to have the answers to the following questions: what assets do you have, where are they, who’s using them, and what risks do they impose?

Show me one IT department that can answer all these questions without an ITAM solution, and I’m not just talking about a tool. A great ITAM solution is comprised of policies, processes, education, compliance, and much much more. An ITAM tool should help support you in all these areas and ensure all your assets are under control.

4. We talk a lot about ITxM. What does that mean?

ITxM is the concept of blending IT Service Management and IT Asset Management. Now before you think we’re talking about having one solution for both disciplines, it’s not. Each discipline has its own purpose and goals and you shouldn’t venture off building one solution to rule them all.

However, there is value to having both tightly integrated, even going as far as to consolidate the CMDB and asset repository into the same database. That’s the route we’re taking at LANDESK, but we are also making sure to keep both solutions separate.

5. On a different note, what is your favorite movie?

This is the toughest question of them all. It’s Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr., hands down. Intense action, awesome cast, and there’s nothing like a great mystery with a bit of humor.

Be sure to check out why LANDESK was named Info-Tech’s Champion by downloading our free report below!