It’s the Season of Goodwill, Except at LANDesk

LANDesk strives to make care and concern for our customers a year round sentiment.

It’s that time of year where the season of goodwill to all men and looking to the future year dominates one’s thoughts. It’s that special time where everyone is a little friendlier, more collaborative, willing to stop and chat, and work together for the greater good. At LANDesk there is no such season of goodwill. But before you shout “Bah! Humbug!” read on. The reason I say there is no such season is that we strive to make care and concern for our customers a year round sentiment.

With the portfolio of solutions LANDesk offers, we actively help IT teams and departments to come together, work together, and help each other. This enables IT departments to give their customers that sense of security and warm glow of satisfaction that you see within children this time of year. We help IT departments show their value and shine brightly as a star to their management teams.

Here’s an example: Max is one of the Senior Management team working in a retail organization. It’s the busiest time of the year and he needs to access his CRM system on his desktop but it won’t let him login. At the same time he wants to make sure that over the holiday season he can access this app on his mobile device.

Thanks to LANDesk, Max can log his ticket issue with Self Service. The service desk team has reports on security threats from the systems administrators so they know his request is nothing to worry about. Now they can remote on to the machine to check it while continuing to use service desk processes to fix the issue or escalate it.

To get the app on his mobile device, Max logs a Service Catalogue request. Once again the service desk team has access to all the information they need including a complete record of the IT assets. The IT team knows how many app licenses are out there and who has them. So before automatically deploying the CRM app on Max’s device they know whether they have enough licenses,  if they need to purchase more licenses, or automatically reclaim unused licenses.

All the time Max is happy knowing that the IT team has his back over his most critical period. To check the progress of his request, he can receive notifications and watch the status of his tickets. Next time Max goes to a senior management meeting he can vouch for the performance that the whole IT team have achieved. With his own personal experience, plus the visibility that he and his colleagues are being given, not only does Max feel assured that the IT team is delivering value but that they have one eye on the future of the business. It is able to provide day-to-day analytics and trend analysis that allows the management team to view on their iPads what has been happening and how they can use that information to build business plans for the following year.

This is why I say the season of goodwill is one that we promote all year round at LANDesk. We help organizations change the way that people work in order to improve performance and work collaboratively. We enable you to manage and secure your IT, we provide opportunities to follow best practice processes and policy for end-to-end delivery of services that transform IT operations. We aim to help IT drive business operations and create happy, satisfied and productive end user customers that feel a seasonal glow all year round.