LANDesk Data Analytics = Love

Managing the diversity of IT assets is complicated. LANDesk Data Analytics is our universal language of love to solve this problem.

Love is the universal language. Every person on the earth, no matter what their language, ethnicity, or personal hardware configuration understands what it means to love or be loved. A show of affection, a smile, an act of kindness is all universally understood because it doesn’t take words to communicate. The next time you’re in New York, go to JFK Airport and give the next traveler off an international flight a smile and warm hug. I would be willing to bet you would bring a smile to that person’s face.

A few years ago my wife went to Italy and purchased a popular Italian t-shirt from a street vendor. It’s a plain t-shirt with the phrase, “I want to you well” across the front. She saw several people wearing this shirt with the “cool” American words on it.

This phrase is the literal English translation from the Italian phrase “ti voglio bene” which means, I love you (in a friendship or family way). I’m not sure if you caught the meaning or not but I think we can agree that much was lost in the translation.

Now look around your IT environment and notice all of the different vendors represented. Each hardware and software vendor has data that is unique to their own product. In addition, each of those products may be purchased by differing IT VARs with their codes, numbers, etc. The diversity of technology today can bring IT Asset Management into a state of chaos. It’s like trying to manage the United Nations slow-pitch softball team. Try explaining to the Ugandan delegates how to turn two!

At LANDesk, we we understand how complicated it can be to manage the diversity of IT Assets. LANDesk Data Analytics is our universal language of love to solve this problem. With Data Translation and normalization, vendor data is captured at the point of purchase and aggregated to provide visibility and effective management without a lot of effort. So if you purchase Dell laptops from CDW and Lexmark printers from Insight, data analytics will do all the translating. The result: automated data collection, EULA/ software license normalization, third party device inventory, and executive reporting. These tools are guaranteed to warm the hearts of IT Managers and CIO’s everywhere.

So where’s the love?

Give us a call and we’ll show you the love!