LANDESK Customers Win Gold

Service Desk Mobile Self Service _myrequest_statusHere at LANDESK, we are very proud of the achievements of our Service Desk customers so it’s always great when they also get industry recognition. Last year our customers worldwide included those that won ITSFM project of the year and SDI awards amongst others.

Quite fittingly with the imminent start of the Winter Olympics in Russia, we kick off this year with customer awards in Russia and CIS countries. – Last month two LANDESK Service Desk customers won Project of the Year 2013 held by Global CIO in Russia. Using LANDESK Service Desk these two customers were judged to have achieved significant results in a short time and with limited resources.

Kaspi Bank, Kazakhstan won best Near Abroad regional project, for their ITSM process automation system based on LANDESK Service Desk. Kaspi Bank operates major branches in 14 cities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Their objective for introducing Service Desk was to increase support efficiency, reduce the risk of costs associated with delays due to issues with the banking information system, enable continuous improvement, raise the level of transparency and enable future automation of other processes.

They introduced Service Desk in a very short time period and now log approximately 1,000 incidents a day for more than several thousand members. Some key stats that won them the award. Three months after completion of the project: – the availability of the Service Desk had increased from 60% to 90% with the same amount of staff -Time to resolve business-critical incidents reduced by 60% and the number of registered phone inquiries fell to 45%.

A project by Transnefteprodukt, transporter of oil products through pipelines in Russia for an – Automated Control System to troubleshoot pipelines won in the category of “Best Industry Solution.” Their objective for introducing the system was to improve the efficiency and quality of the services involved in the process of eliminating emergency situations at pipelines.

LANDESK Service Desk was introduced to track non-IT incidents and incidents related to the primary production activities. The automated control system troubleshooting on objects pipelines (19.1 thousand km. pipelines) was designed to record and monitor the troubleshooting of Emergency registration, analysis, assignment of work, performance monitoring and the preparation of consolidated reports on the current situation in all subsidiaries.

Congratulations to all involved. I must not forget to mention our IT solutions channel partner Arbyte who were instrumental in both projects and also in this award success. To read more check out the press release (note that this is in Russian).