LetMobile: A Better Approach to Secure Mobile Email

481019307We are pleased to announce the launch of LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway 2.6. With this launch, we are providing a unique approach to securing the most important business information on mobile devices: email. By using a secure mobile gateway, email, attachments, calendaring, notes, tasks and contacts can be protected without a significant loss in end-user experience.

The need for secure mobile email arises due to email and attachments including sensitive business, customer and employee information. Businesses run on email and to compromise that data is to comprise a business. Whether it is compliance, data loss prevention, protection from government and corporate espionage, email is a top target on mobile devices.

When LANDESK acquired LetMobile in May of this year, we obtained one of the most innovative approaches to secure mobile email to date. Historically, the standard approach to secure mobile email has been a separate app(s) where business email, calendaring and contacts would reside. There are often trade offs for security, but the trade off for the separate app approach is often a large usability gap between native email apps. In today’s BYOD, consumer-first world, such gaps result in frustrations and often users circumvented security controls.

LetMobile turned secure email (and calendar\contacts) on the side with their secure mobile gateway approach. Other mobile gateways have been used for access control and authentication and stop there. The LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway is a bi-directional gateway that goes beyond access control and authentication to actually serve up content without actually storing the content on the mobile device. This means emails and attachments don’t reside on the device so a lost device is just lost hardware.

In addition to the innovative approach to delivering secure email, the LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway goes a step further to deliver device profiling, real-time data loss prevention (DLP) and detailed auditing. Device profiling means access can be blocked dynamically based on location or compliance. DLP rules can protect extra sensitive content (credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) in emails or attachments from being accessed from a mobile device. Detailed auditing gives IT the ability to understand what’s happened on the mobile device with email in case of loss or theft.

This LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway 2.6 release is the first release since being acquired by LANDESK and provides many key new capabilities. First we have localized LetMobile administration and end-user interfaces with 10 languages. LetMobile 2.6 also introduces streamlined enrollment for iOS and Samsung Android devices. Additional improvements include reporting, installation, device calibration, and forwarded email blocking.

LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway can be used with any MDM, but for many customers it has been the only enterprise mobility management solution that organizations use on mobile devices. With a user-friendly and BYOD-friendly approach to secure email\calendaring\contacts, we believe the LetMobile Secure Mobile Gateway will be a critical solution for any organization.