Modern ITSM Offers Exceptional User Experiences: Service Desk 2016

ServiceDesk2016-blogWhile walking past my local hairdressers this weekend, I remembered that I needed to change my next appointment having booked it at a time that I was USA-bound. But seeing the queue at reception, I didn’t go in to change my appointment. Why? Because I knew that I’d have to wait and then provide lots of information to the new member of staff about the services I usually book, what products I can use and what I’m allergic to and so on. And, I also knew that I could get straight through to  their user-friendly online self service, enter my name to bring up all my details, update my allergy notes and quickly rebook the services I needed, all while keeping an eye on special offers and services they recommended that month. All in all, a much faster, user-friendly experience than waiting in a queue to speak to someone who didn’t know my personal details. And that’s the key take away for ITSM organizations – faster, user-friendly experiences is the new expectation of consumers.

The Rules Have Changed

It’s well-defined that the rules of engagement with IT now embrace the world of the consumer and business users’ behaviours and attitudes reflect this power shift. Your business users are in the driver’s seat, and you need to comprehend and meet the requirements and experiences they expect. Some ITSM organizations are embracing the need for better experiences, but there is still a good portion that aren’t.

A survey conducted by the HDI and ITSMF revealed the top reason for changes in support centers was to provide a better customer experience (67% of support centers).

(HDI, ITSMF USA: Service Management Not Just For IT Anymore, October 2014)

The ability to offer modern user experiences demands a modern approach to IT service management to ensure the right mix of optimized user experiences through the right channels that offer the most positive interactions to underpin your organizations drive for productivity. What’s clear is that for each channel you deploy, you need to ensure that the IT experience is engaging, consistent, and memorable, in order to provide outstanding user satisfaction that matches the modern consumer world. Modernizing service management requires a comprehensive, user-centered approach to service management.

Get Ready for 2016

You may be pleased to know that our latest IT service management release was developed with this in mind. LANDESK Service Desk 2016 comes with exceptional experiences built in. Through more visual, meaningful and dynamic end-user self service and ITSM professional workspace capabilities, you can provide increasingly rewarding user experiences that enhance work life and productivity. Did you catch the point earlier – “for every channel you deploy”?

Gartner advised recently that it is important to offer choice to business users in terms of support channels. “ITSD leaders must realize that the digital workplace requires multi-channel access and high-value collaborative channels that drive satisfaction, loyalty and relevance.” 

(Gartner: IT Service Desk Should Support Digital Transformation, Katherine Lord, Hank Marquis, 23 November 2015). That’s why, as well as providing simple, mobile responsive workspaces, we ensure that you can provide a choice of channels for your users. Along with Service Desk 2016, we have delivered a new Skype adapter with one of our LANDESK One partners. With this adaptor, we enable integration of Skype for Business instant messaging with LANDESK Service Desk. Is there more? Of course there is. What about the ability to support increased business agility through the design apps and a new Design App Store?

I could go on…and on…and on, but I think you get the picture. Let us help you “brush up” your ITSM and make it shinier and glossier than ever before. Whether you want to add “layers” of channel access, “trim” your support queues down to size, “highlight” your key services, or have the flexibility to “style” your delivery to support business agility.  Book an appointment with us to hear more.

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