More Industry Leading IT Technology from LANDesk

In addition to the six patents have been issued this year, LANDesk has another48 patents that are awaiting approval.

At LANDesk we’re constantly looking for better ways to secure and manage endpoints. So far our hard work and innovation has paid off with the company being issued six new patents this year alone.

The first patent issued to LANDesk in 2012 enables IT administrators to quarantine a node when it does not meet the network’s security policy. This level of functionality is critical in today’s remotely connected and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) workforce as end-users continuously bring devices in and out of the corporate network and log on from a wide range of locations. With this patented technology, IT can block access from devices that do not have the most recent patches, updated antivirus or fail to meet any other criteria predetermined by the network administrator. This can prevent devices infected with malware from crippling the entire corporate network – a critical endpoint security measure.

In July of this year LANDesk was awarded another patent pertaining to endpoint security. The technology demonstrated by this patent allows administrators to predetermine access to files on the corporate network based on the profile of the end-user’s network. If the end-user is connected through the encrypted network within the office, he or she may be granted access to all files, however, if the user is accessing the corporate network from an unencrypted network at a local coffee shop, he or she may only be granted access to specific, less confidential files or none at all. With IDC projecting that the mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion by 2015, this technology will enable workers to do their jobs from virtually anywhere without compromising network security.

In addition, LANDesk was recently awarded a patent for inventing a unique method for deploying software. With LANDesk’s patented technology, administrators can deploy software and patch computers without having to set up a complex workflow to govern these actions. For instance, IT administrators could first deploy patches to early adopters or the most critical systems in the network. If this round of patching is successful, the process would automatically deploy patches to the second round of machines. This technology is unique in that it integrates the once separate processes of testing and deployment. It also increases the speed with which patches are deployed – a necessary advancement in today’s complex malware landscape. This extends LANDesk’s unique light infrastructure and patented targeted multi-cast software distribution.

You can read more about the patents that were issued here.

In addition to the six patents have been issued this year, LANDesk has another48 patents that are awaiting approval. We’re devotes significant resources to developing industry-leading technology and are always looking for way to improve IT management and security for IT administrators.