Not Your Average IT Guy

Cowboy Up!

Who wears cowboy boots to work, owns a truck with bullet holes on the passenger side, grows a full beard in under three days, and drinks nothing but Pepsi? If you answered Chuck Norris, you’d be close. The answer, however, is LANDesk Product Manager Rex McMillan. Rex has been  with LANDesk for over 8 years, and he’s still full of surprises. I once asked Rex what he was planning to do over the weekend, to which he replied, “Gettin’ ready for beef season.” Rex’s family owns over 500 head of cattle on a ranch in Wyoming, where Rex regularly participates in neutralizing bulls and birthing young calves.

In his free time, he purchases vandalized or stolen cars from auctions, and then fixes them up to turn a small profit. His current vehicle of choice, a Dodge Ram with three nickel-sized bullet holes in the side, somehow manages 25 miles per gallon with a 5.9 liter engine. Rex refuses to disclose how. And we’re still trying to figure out if those holes were there when he bought it.

You’re probably wondering why you should care about this Rex fellow. Sure, he might be a great lead for the next Louis L’Amour novel, but what does he have to do with LANDesk? Well, along with his small salvage title dealership and enormous herd of cattle, Rex is also the brains behind LANDesk Management Suite. He has worked with the product for nearly a decade and still astounds every employee at LANDesk that such a rogue ranger could spur such brilliant ideas. Maybe it’s the Pepsi. . . .

In talking to him recently, Rex highlighted some of the things he was excited about some of the changes coming to LANDesk Management Suite. In his gruff, slightly Southern voice, he said with a smile, “I’ve always dreamed about a machine that could dispense Pepsi and donuts when it recognized the sound of my stomach growling, so I guess you could say I get excited about automation.” He chuckled. “I’m excited about how much easier we are going to make Management Suite to use, and the automation we put in the product will knock the socks off even the least technical admins.”

Rex was in a hurry to go downstairs to talk to engineering, but the excited glow of his eyes helped me catch a glimpse of his vision for the future. “Yessir, I expect with the next few releases that we’ll be far and away the best tool in the industry at helping IT get their job done.” He smiled and then hurriedly strolled toward the stairs. As he walked away I caught the faint aroma of cola and pasture, and noticed that he had just got a new pair of boots to match his worn Wranglers.

The cowboy rides again.

  • OMG!! You just described our brilliant equivalent except his name is Reid and he swears by the scuba tank attached to his back. I wonder if Reid is related to Rex… 🙂

    What products do you have for anti theft mechanisms for tablets.


    • Hi Elva, your best bet for anti-theft mechanisms for tablets will be LANDesk Mobility Manager. With Mobility Manager, you can view a history of the geographical location of all your tablets. You can also remotely wipe data or lock the device if it has been reported as stolen using LANDesk. Here’s a link to the data sheet where you can learn more:

  • Rex

    Well, when they discussed writing a bio, I told them no problem. I would write one for them. It went something like:

    Hi, I am Rex. I have worked for LANDesk on LDMS for over 8 years. I have a great passion for LANDesk software. I have really enjoyed working on the product with our customers over the years. I have had many opportunities to with closely with many of you over the years. Some of these were tough days for all of us when I was in support and would get to work with someone that had a major issue. But in the end we almost always could find a good solution and get everything on track. I am excited about the upcoming release and even more excited about the automation and workflow that we are working on for the vNext. My hobbies are work, more work and work.

    So after I read my version and Aaron’s, it was easy to see why they used his.

    -Rex Mc

  • Frank Wils

    Always nice to read about the person behind the product manager 🙂 But, the teasers for Vnext… Getting unpatient already!