On the Cusp of Evolutionary IT Change

Today is the third and final day of the Interchange 2013 conference in Las Vegas. Like the preceding two days, it is packed with more opportunities for attendees to discover what the technology solutions from LANDesk, Wavelink and our valued sponsors have to offer.

Yesterday’s keynote address by LANDesk president and CEO Steve Daly was followed by presentations by representatives from the two major sponsors of Interchange 2013, HP and Lenovo. Later in the evening, an entertaining evening of games, prizes, open bar and delicious food for attendees was hosted by Interchange sponsors HP, Lenovo, Insight, Intel, Motorola, Kaspersky Lab and Credant.

As the conference nears its end, it’s becoming more and more clear how IT professionals, the organizations they work for, and the technology providers they look to for meaningful solutions all stand on the cusp of a monumental evolutionary IT change—that of IT consumerization and the need to focus on “the ultimate endpoint”—the end users—and how they work and the tools they use to be productive.

If we consider a bit of historical context, the mainframe era brought us terminal computing; the client-server stage gave us PCs like Windows/Mac, application suites, Ethernet/ARCnet/Tokenring, and UNIX/OS2. The Internet included browsers, URLs,-WAN/LAN/VPN, Web enabled applications. Cloud computing ushered in public/private/hybrid cloud configurations, SaaS, and virtualization. IT consumerization presents its own spectrum of challenges and opportunities to IT professionals as the ultimate endpoint—the end users—continue to accomplish their day to day work with the most effective tools to do so.

Intelligent Choices Help You Deliver Greater Control and Services

How do you enable and maximize user productivity while continuing to manage, control and safeguard your enterprise IT environment? The LANDesk approach is one of Total User Management. It’s the user-oriented IT approach that enables you to:

  • Have the right IT information for the right decision makers
  • Manage more of the devices and platforms employees use to do their jobs
  • Deliver anywhere the software, patches, operating systems and services users prefer
  • Increase security, meet industry compliance and optimize hardware and power costs
  • Provide support services that are integrated with business processes and more self-service to minimize resource overhead

As attendees experience the final day of Interchange 2103, they’ll be able to witness firsthand how LANDesk, Wavelink and our partners are at the forefront of providing the solutions that enable IT professionals to maximize the productivity of “the ultimate endpoint” while simplifying IT operations complexity and reducing cost and risk.