Reclaim your negotiation rights using IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Improve your negotiating position by utilizing IT Asset Management

What hardware and software assets do you really have? Where are they? How are they performing? The IT asset management world can be a confusing one. However, knowing this kind of information not only enables you to take full advantage of your IT investments, but also protects you from overspending, helps you reclaim your vendor negotiation rights, assists you in getting and staying compliant, allows you to import and track warranty data and recalls, and turns data into decision-making information.

If you’re lacking visibility into your IT asset environment, you’re most likely at a loss when software license renewals come up. But you’re not alone. 78 percent of businesses don’t know if they have the right licenses. This can become a major challenge for IT managers who are negotiating with vendors. You could be overbuying or even under-buying licenses.

Tracking IT assets can be a complex process. 60 percent of software asset managers still spend the majority of their daily work conducting data analysis by hand. Organizations are devoting significant resources to managing their IT assets. Any tools that improve efficiencies and productivity can be critical to a successful IT asset management strategy. Without trust in your organizations information on your asset environment, you cannot make confident decisions.

Time is not the only resource consumed by poor IT asset management. Uncompliant companies can lose discounts and face steep “true up” fees or fines if vendors find out. With audits becoming increasingly prevalent, the chances of this happening are rising. In fact, 37 percent of organizations have been audited within the last 24 months, and larger businesses can expect to pay six to seven figure fines when there are big discrepancies. You could be next, so make sure you’re prepared.

In November of 2014, LANDESK released the IT Asset Management Suite providing users the tools necessary to attain visibility into an IT asset environment. In 2015 we have renewed our focus to streamline this process.

LANDESK provides a unified solution that:

  • Provides you negotiation power with your vendors
  • Helps you prepare for and survive your next software audit
  • Reduces legal/financial/reputational exposure risk
  • Allows you to reclaim unused software licenses
  • Delivers full visibility into lifecycle data for any asset

Achieving a complete picture of your IT assets offers you confidence in negotiating with your vendors, helps you maintain discounts, and assists you in avoiding steep fees or fines from audits. With an easy to use IT asset management solution you can gain complete visibility of your assets to increase efficiency and centralize control.