How Does IT Score on Customer Satisfaction

ThinkstockPhotos-460584801LANDESK recently conducted a study that found most Americans are extremely satisfied with the service they are getting from their IT departments.

The survey found that, although some people are able to resolve IT issues on their own, many people rely on IT to solve their issues — and when they do reach out to IT, these issues are generally resolved quickly and favorably. This trend is likely the result of expanding resources available at the fingertips of end users, such as search engines and video tutorials.

The survey also showed that a vast majority of users are able to get relief from their IT woes quickly and efficiently.

Overall, this study found that most people see their IT departments as helpful and useful in resolving their technical issues. It also revealed that, in a world where the media often criticizes IT, these departments still play a crucial role in the business economy and excel at their jobs.

To learn more about IT department trends and attitudes both in the United States and throughout the world, LANDESK will be releasing an expanded report shortly.