Senator Orrin Hatch Visits LANDESK

As a major proponent of the tech industry, Senator Orrin Hatch carved time out of his busy schedule to meet with LANDESK yesterday.

Employees anxiously awaited his arrival. The positive impact Senator Hatch has had on the tech industry over the years has been significant.

“He is probably the most influential and the most educated on the tech industry,” said LANDESK CEO Steve Daly. “He’s done a lot of good to help the tech industry grow around the country as well as here in Utah.”

As head of the High-Tech Task Force for the Republican Senate, Senator Hatch first ran for public office in 1977 and is now serving his seventh term as Utah’s senator. His many years in the political arena have given him the opportunity to rub shoulders with world leaders and other prominent figures in society.

He has undoubtedly had a front-row seat to some of the most life-changing events in human history.


Senator Orrin Hatch and LANDESK CEO Steve Daly

After taking a tour of the building—where he met and shook hands with dozens of employees from different departments—Senator Hatch personally addressed the LANDESK group and then opened the floor to questions.

Employees didn’t hold back, asking the senator everything from how he plans to fix the VA problem to who to vote for in the upcoming election.

His answers were refreshingly candid and the discussion was both respectful and enlightening—even in a room full of differing perspectives.

Of course, a meet-up of this caliber would not be complete without a few selfies, and the senator was gracious enough to take photos with anyone who wanted one.

We welcome the senator back any time and appreciate his staunch advocacy for the tech industry and all of his continued efforts on our behalf!