Solving Real World Mobile Device Management and Security Problems

Yesterday, Apple announced that it sold 35 million iPhones and nearly 12 million iPads in its Q2. That’s 47 million new mobile devices running Apple iOS! Add to that the millions of phones and tablets running Android and other OSs and you can see why IT departments are scrambling to find a mobile device management strategy.

For me, personally and professionally, it’s been a great time to be a Product Manager for LANDesk Mobility Solutions. In the eight years I’ve worked for LANDesk, and in the five years as a partner before that, I have never seen a team come together so quickly, so determined, and so focused to deliver on a strategy.

With the explosion of mobile devices, IT departments are scrambling to find a mobile device management strategy.

As some who have heard me give a talk have heard ad nauseum, what makes a great product isn’t a really cool widget, or having a bluer blue button than the next guy, but to understand the market problems as well as or better than the next guy, to make a product that solves that problem in the most cost-effective and easy/automated manner, and to position, market and sell that product in a manner that talks specifically to that market problem.  With LANDesk Mobility Manager, we were given the opportunity to do just that — and I am proud of the team of people we have here who have, in a very real way, acted like a true start-up to create a product that meets that need.

From a personal perspective, I have had the opportunity to interact with almost every geography in the world to some degree or another.  While this has been very personally fulfilling, it’s also been very professionally challenging. These challenges have not only helped me grow, but also understand new markets and the challenges IT teams face across the globe.  This challenge that has forced me to have a global view of the market, which is a difficult thing to attain while working from my desk in Utah.  For this, I am very grateful as it’s helping us deliver solutions that can solve real world problems.

The Mobility team at LANDesk is working hard translate this world view into a great mobility solution.  Just wait ‘til you see what the next version of our product does.