SP1: Service Pack or Super Pack? You Decide.

This week LANDesk is releasing 9.5 SP1, which further strengthens LANDesk’s ability to deliver user management solutions like the Secure User Management Suite. This 9.5 SP1 release provides updates to improve reliability and also great new abilities related to user management, broad platform support, endpoint security and software lifecycle management.

This 9.5 SP1 release provides enhancements and updates to nearly every product and technology in the Secure User Management Suite, which includes:

  • LANDesk Management Suite
  • LANDesk Security Suite
  • LANDesk Data Analytics
  • LANDesk Mobility Manager

and add-on products like:

  • Cloud Services Appliance (Gateway)
  • Antivirus with Kaspersky Lab 10 Endpoint Integration

There are so many updates, we’re not sure if it should be called a Service Pack or a Super Pack. You decide…

For full details about 9.5 SP1, check out What’s New in 9.5 SP1.