STEM Students Job Shadow LANDESK Employees for a Day

IMG_1325I sat at a table for lunch with two educators and three high school students who came to LANDESK for a STEM-related job shadowing day.

I was impressed with all 30 students who had made the trip from their respective schools in the Jordan School District.

I kept thinking, if these are the youth who will lead us tomorrow, we’re in good hands.

One of the girls stood to represent the other students at our table. Her task was to tell the rest of the group what she’d learned over the past few hours while shadowing someone at LANDESK.

Career paths are not always planned

She said, “What I’ve learned is that everyone I met today didn’t go to school or graduate with plans of being what they are now. So it’s okay to pursue whatever you want because you’ll probably end up somewhere you didn’t expect.” How profound to hear something so true about so many career paths.

Her comments struck home because when some of the employees were called on to share their thoughts, one of our customer support personnel stood and said, “I thought I was a smart guy when I graduated with two degrees—one degree in music education and the other in computer programming. I tried teaching young children music and I hated it. So I did computer programming instead and eventually worked my way up into management. I decided I didn’t like that either and took a job back here at LANDESK in front line support. Some may think that would be a step down, but there are so many very smart people in on our front line support teams. What I really found out about myself is that I like to help people and now I’m in a perfect place to do that.”

There is never a dull moment in software

There were other inspiring comments from both the high school students and our employees. Some comments related to the realization that all software has bugs in it and another that there is never a dull moment because every day is different and challenging.

I couldn’t help but think that these students who shadowed us helped us see our career paths and our jobs in a more positive light.

When all is said and done, we came to LANDESK because it was a good job. The reason we stay is because of the people. I’m grateful for the great team I get to work with every day.