Steve Daly Presents Keynote Address at Interchange

LANDesk CEO, Steve Daly, delivers the Interchange 2013 keynote.

Speaking to a capacity crowd at the second day of Interchange, LANDesk president and CEO Steve Daly centered his keynote remarks on the revolutionary technology phenomenon of “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) and the evolutionary response of “User Oriented IT.”

“Big changes are going on in the industry and organizations are feeling it,” Steve said. “It typically takes IT departments time to adopt and adapt to huge technological changes; it’s more of an evolutionary change. The only way to address this next phase of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and IT consumerization successfully is by focusing on the ultimate endpoint—the end users—and how they’re getting the job done in a lot of different ways with a host of different tools.”

Steve commented that in large part, IT consumerization is about mobility and how work is something people do, not necessarily a place where they go anymore. Mobile devices enable employees to be more productive when ever and where ever. The average consumer of IT spends about three times on mobile devices what the average IT organization spends. And according to research by Accenture, 45% of workers find personal devices to be more useful than enterprise ones. It’s where so much of the work gets done, and that’s where IT needs to place it focus. If IT can’t figure out how to enable users to be productive they won’t be successful.

Steve explained that in response to these challenges, LANDesk has introduced the concept of Total User Management which is about managing, securing, enabling, and supporting where the work gets done. It’s about providing IT operations with greater IT control while enabling end users to resolve issues faster and stay productive.

A Second Day Packed with Labs, Tech Sessions and a Sponsor Party

Interchange attendees were also able to experience a morning of valuable training labs and technical breakout sessions. Among the sessions were “Managing Users via the Cloud,” “LANDesk Agent Architecture,” “Infrastructure Design,” “The Ins and Outs of Wavelink Avalanche,” and “Mobility Management Strategy.”

Afternoon sessions on tap include: “Enhanced Software License Monitoring,” “OS Migration with Provisioning,” “Unlock the Power of Your HP Devices Suite,” “Lenovo Cloud Solutions,” “Accelerate SAM,” and “LANDesk and Wavelink End-to-End Mobility.”

The evening will culminate in a party of entertaining games, prizes drawings, open bar and delicious food for attendees put on by Interchange sponsors HP, Lenovo, Insight, Intel, Motorola, Kaspersky Lab and Credant.