We’re Listening – Total User Management Focuses on Simplicity, Scalablity, Security

Have you ever put yourself in a developers shoes and asked yourself, “How would I improve this product if I had the chance?” Well we have. That’s the exact reason we asked our Product Advisory Committee what they would do to improve our product. And you know what the crazy part is? We listened and they really noticed in this latest release of LANDESK systems and security management products. The result is a product we are thrilled to release. Total User Management with 9.6 enhancements is now easier to use, more scalable for enterprise and it’s focused on the user.

  • Easy to use– Who doesn’t want an easier to use product? But when we say that it’s easier to use, we’re also talking about decreasing the time it takes for you to manage all of your systems. For example, to create a provisioning template takes seven steps instead of 110. I don’t know about you but I think it’s easier to climb seven steps instead of seven stories. 9.6 allows you to save time by identifying which patches are most important to your organization and enabling you to implement them quickly.
  • Built for enterprise– The fact is, the faster you can react to a threat, or patch your machines, the less likely you are to be compromised; it’s as simple as that. Think of the Starship Enterprise. What happens if the shields are slow to come up? They die! This brings us to the enterprise (not the starship). Scalability is always an issue when it comes to managing thousands of machines. Software distribution and patching has taken a quantum leap in speed. You choose which packages to distribute and when and then it’s done in minutes to an hour versus several hours. The speed of the accelerated push technology is like flying a Piper Cub single prop airplane and then jumping into an SR-71 Blackbird. The difference in speeds is breathtaking. Just sit back and experience the g-force!
  • Focused on the user– Self-updating agents is a major reason why 9.6 doesn’t get in the way of user’s. This could possibly be the last agent you will ever install! By A user and his devices monitoring and enabling you to schedule when reboots occur, 9.6 stays out of the way of user efficiency. This means less headache for you (via end-user complaints) and more productivity for employees. The system can be configured to leverage when the user is usually not very active, or is not using crucial programs, to determine when the best time to reboot will be. It’s the best of both worlds. Your systems stay up-to-date and secure, while employees don’t have any reason to curse IT. There’s also a new user portal that works across all devises and patches can now be activated on a self-service basis from the portal.

Some would think we made these improvements in order to attract new customers or remain ahead of the curve. That’s true, but a big reason we made these improvements was to make our customer’s lives easier. We did it because we truly understand what tools make an organization that much more efficient.

Total User Management 9.6 is coming July 22, 2014! Stay tuned for more in our series on all the helpful tricks and additions that will be available soon.

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