Ten reasons to consider LANDESK Managed Services

Top10In the old days, 15 years ago, organizations tried to be self-sufficient. Some even had staff for taking care of the lawns and manning the cafeteria. Now companies outsource that type of stuff. IT departments are no different. They had their own datacenters, phone infrastructures, and every software solution had its own team. Don’t be offended if you still have staff performing some of these functions—well, maybe not the lawns. It may be time to consider strategic outsourcing. As my teenage boy told me as he tried to get me to jump off a cliff at Lake Powell—do it and your cool!

There are a lot of reasons things have changed. High speed Internet is #1. It’s allowed companies to let their employees work from home and it can allow you to outsource your LANDESK administration.

How do you know if outsourcing your LANDESK solutions is right for you? Let’s start by looking at some common scenarios.

1. You lost your LANDESK administrator

Has your administrator been called up for military duty? Maybe they retired, went on extended sick leave or simply took a new job.

2. It is difficult to find experienced engineers in your area

I haven’t checked, but it’s possible that they are not any level 3 LANDESK administrators in Williston, North Dakota.

3.You are a new customer and need immediate impact (RIO) and don’t have time to ramp-up staff

LANDESK products solve big problems like security and compliance. Both of these need to be addressed quickly. Most of our customers engage our professional services teams to get setup and configured while their IT staff gets trained on administration. We frequently see customers in a rush to get our solutions running so they can enjoy the benefits. Leveraging managed services for the short term is an option.

4. You have budget but are restricted from hiring additional employees

In acquiring additional staff, having investment funds is only half the battle. There are many reasons why organizations are hesitant to add full time employees. There are other options.

5. Your staff is needed for other key projects only they can perform

You know your staff and their strengths. You also have projects you need them working on. How often do you put projects on hold because your employees too busy to get to them? You may not be able to outsource your project but you can outsource your LANDESK administration.

6. Your need is not big enough for a full headcount

Every LANDESK solution doesn’t require a full time headcount to be managed. Have you ever tried to hire two-thirds of a person? It’s messy! I’ll never do that again. LANDESK has the staff to provide you 1/3, 2/3’s or 7/8’s of a headcount. We will charge you for just want is needed for your success.

7. Your organization does not have the processes in place for managing devices

Most organizations leverage LANDESK for installation and configuration of their solutions. Maybe you want to take that a bit further and have us get the processes and best practices in place before deciding to do it yourself.

8. You need someone to manage long term projects such as: patching, OS deployment or software distribution


There is no substitute for experience. You may have great staff that just doesn’t have experience is a certain area. You can send them to training and be patient while they get up to speed. You can also leverage LANDESK to help.

9. Your company is outsourcing so internal staff can focus on core competencies

Each organization has different needs and priorities. Maybe you think email needs to be managed internally. Maybe you think your LANDESK solution can be managed by LANDESK.

10. You would like service level agreements on your IT solutions

Everyone likes a guarantee. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Our statements of work specify what we will provide and that’s what you can expect.

Feel free to come up with your own reason to use LANDESK Managed Services. Feel free to share your thoughts with me. jerry@landesk.com