Texas School District Levels Up with LANDESK Management Suite

Cypress Fairbanks, the third largest school district in Texas, recently signed on with LANDESK Management Suite to keep up with the growing IT demands of their 110 campuses and administrative sites.

“It’s just humungous,” says Technical Analyst Josh Zhang. “We have every service from transportation, health services, a police department… we’re practically a little city.”

The 285-square-mile area does not lend itself to easy fixes where IT is concerned, causing a lot of unnecessary stress and travel time for members of the technology department.

“We weren’t able to support the staff and the students in a timely manner,” comments Manager of the Device, Imaging and Integration Team, Larry Barrios. “Fire-fighting is what we did. We put out fires wherever anyone called from and we’d go out and try to address those issues.”

After a long time dealing with the shortcomings and inefficiencies of their old product, Cypress Fairbanks took the time to evaluate better alternatives. They decided on LANDESK Management Suite.

“With LANDESK Management, I’m able to reach every computer in the district like it was just right next to me,” says Josh Zhang. “That’s saved countless hours in terms of either driving or just trying to get to a machine. I’m able to resolve incidents a lot quicker.”

LANDESK Management Suite is comprehensive enough that incident tickets have gone down drastically, and simple issues are automatically corrected. This has given the department more time and peace of mind. They can now focus their energies on higher-level issues, such as making sure patching is running correctly or that the OS stays updated.

Larry Barrios is happy with their decision to work with LANDESK. “Working with LANDESK has been different than working with any other software companies. They listen. They didn’t just sell the product and walk away.”

Derly Buentello, technical analyst, adds, “They’ve responded quickly. They’ve met our needs. There’s been customization and optimization. To work with a vendor that’s responsive and can meet your needs is golden.”

“I can see that we’ve made the right choice,” says Larry Barrios.

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