The LANDesk Help Center

Are you a self-service, DIY, fix-it-myself type?  Do you pride yourself in finding new and better ways to get the job done?

I’m right there with you.  And so is LANDesk when it comes to giving you the power to find ways to maximize the power of the LANDesk Management Suite.  LANDesk has launched a new cloud-based self-help system called. . .wait for it. . .The LANDesk Help Center.

The new Help Center is all about you, the savvy LANDesk user.  The Help Center repaces the old console based help system many of you have used, and shunned in the past.  It’s not just better looking, it’s also easier to search for the information you need.  The real beauty of the system is the fact that it is cloud based, accessible from any browser, and allows our User Assistance team to constantly update the most pertinent content for you. It’s also easy to navigate to the hottest topics, work-arounds, or How-To topics.  Want to know what other LD admins are using?  Well we’ll provide you with a top 10 topics page so you can find it.  Searching for the Provisioning or Anti-Virus how-to’s?  We’ve got it for you, right at your fingertips.

The Help Center is powered by a Google search engine, so you know you’ll find what you want quickly. Or you can choose to navigate through the well-organized menu system.  No matter where you are in the world, we have you covered.  The Help Center is localized into all our core supported languages.  (French, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean)

The next step for our Help Center is to be directly connected to the LANDesk Console.  In the upcoming release of LANDesk Management Suite 9.1, all context sensitive help buttons will take you right out to the Help Center. Look for more and more content as we go.

For those of you who are LANDesk Community patrons, links to the LANDesk Community are integrated so you can easily navigate to information you need, or if you just find yourself wanting to venture into the forums or white papers of the Community.

Each topic has a user feedback area where you can share your thoughts, criticisms, or pats on the back with our User Assistance Team.  They love to get feedback from our users, so don’t be shy, help us help you.

We encourage you to use our new Help Center to find anything you want to explore or troubleshoot when it comes to LANDesk products.  Go ahead, browse around, and search for the topics you want to explore.  Welcome to easy self-service.