Total User Management is not Only Easier to Use, But More User-Focused

Ever been frustrated at a random reboot?

In my last post, I introduced you the latest version of Total User Management, and gave you an overview of just some of its new improved features. For this article, I was hoping to drill down a little bit further and offer more insight into how Total User Management is not only easier to use, but more user-focused.

I think we’ve all been there, IT specialist and lay person alike. You’re right in the middle of something important—usually time sensitive in nature—when your machine decides it wants to reboot and patch right in the middle of everything. Now, let me give you a better idea of just how archaic this really is with an analogy.

Say you just purchased a new business vehicle and you were on your way to a very important meeting. It is crucial that you are on time.  Would it be acceptable for your car to stop in the middle of the drive and tell you that it had to spend time diagnosing itself, or perform routine maintenance that then disrupted your productivity for the day? You bet it’s not! That car company would be out of business so fast you wouldn’t even know that its inferior products had ever existed.

As with a vehicle, you know that the system needs regular maintenance to run as smoothly and reliably as possible. And it’s not that you are unwilling to give it the appropriate time and attention, you do however want to be the master of your own destiny. You want to be able to schedule when and where that maintenance will occur so that it better suits your needs and fits your schedule.

The same, we think, should go for software. It shouldn’t impede your daily tasks. In fact, it should operate as if it weren’t even there and that is where Total User Management really shines.

The latest version of Total User Management was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. It allows you to schedule when patching should take place, if you so choose. Or, it can automatically detect when a user is the least active, or not using crucial apps, to make a determination about whether it would be a good time to patch the machine. This ensures that the end user is interrupted as little as possible, adding efficiency to your organization while promoting efficiency.

There is one more thing in our bag of goodies for promoting ease-of-use, and it is our self-healing agent (I will expand more on this in a future post, so stay tuned). This could possibly be the last agent you will ever install. There is no need to schedule an update for the client, it does it all by itself, automatically. Talk about easy to use! As definitions go, something that you have to install once, then never worry about again, is about as easy as it gets, especially in a world of increasingly complex IT systems.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that our products provide you with innovate solutions to your IT needs. The latest version of Total User Management is coming July 22, 2014! Stay tuned for more in our series on all the helpful tricks and additions that will be available soon.