Superheroes, Starships and a Button Marked Easy: The Total User Management Competition for Inter-Office Supremacy

Enterprise and LANDESK go hand-in-hand.

Confused by the headline of this article? If you worked at LANDESK, those three things would make perfect sense to you. If they don’t, it’s because you either haven’t been participating in our launch game for the release of LANDESK Management Suite and Security Suite 9.6 (available today, July 22, 2014),  or you don’t work here. In either case, let me bring you up to speed.

In the spirit of friendly competition, and to help people learn what enhancements LANDESK 9.6 adds to our Total User Management solution we decided to invite employees to participate in a veritable Coliseum of inter-office games. Pitting employee against employee in a game that would test their wills’, and push them to the brink… Ok so it’s a social media and scavenger hunt game, but it has been competitive nonetheless.

3 ways to win

So let me explain how this competition is currently taking place and shaping up. There are three ways to win: Win It, Earn It and Find It, which align nicely with our three themes for LANDESK 9.6 — Easy to use, Enterprise-enabled, and User-focused.

  • Win It is the easiest. Every day, we post a link to a blog or something to tweet. Those who take the time to retweet the link enter themselves in a drawing for a daily prize worth up to $25. We choose a winner every day, and that is about as simple as life gets. Much like the simplicity that the latest version of Total User Management with LANDESK 9.6 offers, but not half as rewarding. The grand prize drawing is worth $400.
  • Next is Earn It. This contest is where the competition heats up. Participants must retweet, create content and post individual comments in order to earn points toward a $500 gift certificate. Currently, we have people from across the globe participating. The race is close, and even if one started the competition today, they still have a fighting chance at winning a $100 gift certificate, as long as they accumulate over 50 points.
  • Finally, we have the Find It option. Now, this competition is only occurring in our Salt Lake office, because it’s a hands on scavenger hunt where participants receive clues from an app called Aurasma (if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should). In order to gain a head start, employees must tweet out a picture of objects they have found using the clues from the app. Every picture tweeted is worth a two minute head start for the final scavenger hunt. The winner of the final scavenger hunt will receive a gift basket with a variety of gift cards, worth up to $600.

How’s it going?

Currently the competition is fierce and very close. But if you are an employee, don’t dismay. There is still plenty of time to enter and at least give yourself the opportunity to win one of the drawings. We have already drawn three lucky Win It winners. There is still the opportunity in two more drawings, as well as the drawing for the $100 dollar gift certificate if you earn over 50 points. And there’s still time to gain important time advantages in the scavenger hunt.

What about me? 

Now, I know what you’re thinking if you aren’t a LANDESK employee. You’re probably saying to yourself, “Man that would be fun to win some prizes, I wish I worked there!” Well you’re in luck my friend. We will be hosting similar contests for our customers and partners beginning within the week, so stay tuned for emails and social media posts about the games. We’ve saved the best prizes for our customers and partners, so you can get excited about LANDESK 9.6 too! We look forward to playing these social games with you.