When selecting ITSM tools choose the why over what and how

ITSM tools

When it comes to selecting ITSM tools, you should be focused on the “why” over the “what” and “how.” The ITSSM market as defined by Gartner is HOT right now, and for some very good reasons:

  • Requirements for IT transparency and governance
  • Need for increased speed of change and focus on value streams
  • Improvements in the way IT participates in the corporate digital-transformation strategy

As a leader in Gartner’s MQ (Magic Quadrant) and labeled “Visionary”, LANDESK is frequently invited to participate in companies’ request for information (RFI) and request for proposal (RFP) processes for ITSM tools. Over the past few years, it has become common place for organizations to use a standard template for the RFPs.  Requirements that used to be differentiators between vendors have become table stakes for any of the vendors in the MQ, Forrester Wave, ITSM Review, and other analyst assessment portfolios.

If you fire off your RFP to any of these vendors, you’re guaranteed to get it returned riddled with out–of-the–box (OOTB) features. In other words, the functionality you are looking for around Incident Management, Change Management, Release or Self-Service is designed and built into the product.

The reality is you no longer need to ask these vendors: “Does your software support ITIL process? Does your software support Mobile ITSM?  Does your software offer easy configuration?” All vendors are going to answer yes.

So how do you find ITSM tools that are going to fit your needs?

First, as with any software vendor, view it as a partnership. Where is your organization heading? What are your goals and objectives for IT? How does improved automation and management help you reach those goals?

Once, you have a clear picture of where you want to go, then you can start to evaluate if the vendor makes a suitable partner. If one of your objectives is to help you pass audits and improve compliance, then look for a vendor whose purpose of being in business aligns with that goal. Do they have clear focus and vision for asset and security management?

Understanding WHY they are in business tells you that this company is going to be focused on those things. As we know, no vendor is going to be perfect, but the ones that are focused on improving in the direction we are going make for great partners.

Before you even start to list your requirements, you can short list the vendors you are going to be good candidates for your ITSM journey, simply by looking at WHY they are in the market.

Did they start with being a help desk solution and are trying to expand into ITSM? If so WHY? Was it to help improve asset and configuration management through change automation?

Are they focused on IT and ITSM, or are they a platform focused on offering capabilities around ITSM as just a part of an overall technology strategy? If not WHY? Have they exhausted all the ITSM automation capabilities, or are they responding to investor pressures to service outside of IT for licensing growth?

Are they advancing their product strategy in both architecture and delivery, offering on premise as well as SaaS/Cloud capabilities though modern responsive design? If so WHY? Is it to make software licensing and the user experience easier?

So is LANDESK Service Desk the best ITSM tool in the industry? We will most likely meet your ITSM short-list vendor requirements, that’s for sure. But is LANDESK right for you? Well that really depends on your goals and whether we would be a great partner in the journey together.

What I can tell you is that more and more companies are choosing LANDESK for their service desk and ITSM tool selection.

Let’s then take a look at WHY companies choose LANDESK Service Desk. We’ll start the countdown and cover

5 reasons LANDESK makes the short-list for ITSM tool selection.

So what’s the WHY for LANDESK?

The reason WHY LANDESK exists is to make the job of IT professionals easier by eliminating physical tasks. Whether it’s unifying the administration and management of end-points in the environment(UEM Suite), inventorying software and hardware (ITAM Suite), identifying and mitigating risk and security weaknesses (InfoSec Suite), or automating the assignment, notification, or execution of IT change, support and management activities (ITSM Suite), LANDESK is focused on bringing digital transformation solutions for IT Operations challenges.

5) Tool Kit not Ticket System

LANDESK Service Desk has always been focused on automating business processes. With growing worldwide adoption of ITIL, LANDESK was one of the first to offer out-of-the-box ITIL workflows to ease the adoption of processes into the organization. Instead of building, yet another forms-based ticketing system, the technology was engineered around business objects. Business objects that can be configured into a system of record, easily dragged into place to create views into data capture, presentation and actions.

In other words, think Legos not Matchbox. While you can build a car, if you need to morph it into the Millennium Falcon, you have the tools to do that. Most organizations are not ready to be flying through asteroid fields at hyperdrive… but want a product that can handle it when they are ready.

4) Built around Process not Forms

Since its origin, LANDESK Service Desk has been about automating process, not providing data entry forms. So unlike any other product on the market, its state-based workflow engine, not a forms-based workflow engine, provides a visual workflow designer as the core of the application module configurations. What’s the difference? The views, fields, and actions are all based on the status and outcomes of the process interaction.

This provides more decision making capability at a granular level. Process engineers and business analysts love the flexibility, though system administrators sometimes struggle with the concepts of design. If you are looking to create “sexy” web forms, then LANDESK will be a struggle for you. Want to create killer automation of your ITIL, COBIT and PMI processes, then LANDESK is a fit.

3) Modern & Flexible

As discussed previously, when selecting a partner, you want to make sure they have a shared vision. Our vision is focused on creating innovative solutions to physical limitations that are affecting modern IT professionals. Thus, our releases address current needs such as mobile knowledge management where users can simply take a picture of an error message and it automatically translates it, searches knowledge and opens an incident ticket. We call this ITSM innovation SnapIT, and it’s just a small part of our overall commitment to an amazing digital user experience with HTML5 responsive design user interfaces.

We also recognize IT professionals need choice in how their ITSM Suite is deployed.  Thus we offer and support both on premise and SaaS solutions.  Both offerings are designed to easily integrate with existing tools through web services and event management services.  This flexibility makes the implementation time to value short, providing benefits quickly and allowing growth plan of maturity.

2) Integrated into I&O functions

Ah yes… the infamous “Right Click” functionality. ITSM tools selection committees love this about LANDESK. Throughout our product suites, we are constantly thinking about how to leverage our product strengths to make life easier for users. For instance, on a request screen, you can easily see all the assets associated to the end user making the inquiry. You can then in real-time pull up current inventory, remote control, scan for security issues, push software changes, etc… We love it when prospects say: “It would be great if you could do …” most of the time we can. That is because we constantly thinking about how to integrate our ITSM capabilities across the infrastructure and operation lifecycles.

ITSM Support for Asset

ITSM Support for Security

ITSM Support for Systems Management

1) We Exist to Help IT to do Less not More

This may sound counter intuitive, but many products in the ITSSM spaces are marketed as a platforms that allows you to do more. And trust me, they live up to their promise. More administration, more configuration, more time with support calls trying to get through failed upgrades because of the sprawled customization.

LANDESK is designing and building its products that allow IT people to do less. Less data entry, less system administration, less meetings reviewing workload, less phone calls between teams trying to find information. We want our customers to do less data chasing, and report generating, less support and request phone calls.

The role of ITSM professionals is changing. IT functions and services are becoming more distributed and more complex. IT professionals enabled with the capabilities of LANDESK Service Desk are empowered to do less IT minutiae and more value added business activities.

These are the reasons WHY LANDESK Service Desk is selected as the ITSM solution by thousands of customers.

So if our WHY matches your vision, come talk to us. We’d be happy to come talk to you about WHAT we do and HOW we do it.