Why Wrap an App: An Explosive Argument

100882419I’ve spent some time working with customers in the hazardous locations market – where mobile devices are essentially sealed in a manner that prevents an electrical spark within a mobile device from causing a serious danger to the external environment within which these kinds of devices are used. Think of it in this way: Inside a mobile device, there are plenty of little electronic circuits that can discharge static electricity (a spark). If that spark were to be exposed to the air in a petrochemical refining facility, the consequences could be dire (and that’s an understatement). As a result, mobile devices used in these kinds of environments need to be sealed in such a way that the activities happening within the mobile device are sealed off from the outside world. Some call it “Intrinsic Safety” or “Hermetic Sealing”.

App-wrapping is essentially the mobility software equivalent of this safety measure. Companies need to protect their data that is accessed on the mobile device. Much of that data may be confidential, and if it were to be exposed to the public, it could potentially cause severe damage. Still, just as there are productivity benefits for workers to work in hazardous locations, there are similar advantages for allowing mobile users to have access to the content they need from their mobile devices. In both cases, sealing off the risk is the best kind of security, but the precautions have to be aligned with how the users get their work done.

Mobile security has some very obvious benefits. Below are a few specific to app-wrapping that warrant consideration:

• Provide for mobile security without compromising the user experience (as containerization had)
• Protect wrapped application data from being accessed by external (unwrapped) applications
• Unlike SDK-based app-wrapping, one-click wrapping makes for easier deployment
• IT can update security policies without having to re-deploy all the wrapped applications
• Wrap all kinds of Android apps (Enterprise and Google Play Store apps)

Mobile security requires the balance of data isolation and insulation against vulnerabilities. Any breach of that confidential data, and it’s bound to ignite a firestorm. Like those intrinsically safe devices I mentioned earlier, be sure your mobile data is wrapped to protect it from danger.