Happy Holidays: The Corporate Wish List

466159259Christmas is a special time of year, especially when you’ve had your eye on that new gadget forever. Now you have an excuse to surprise yourself, or extra motivation to get more specific in your hints to a significant other, or family member. These hints can vary in tenacity from the subtle to the downright blatant. But, when considering just how aggressive to be in your quest, a larger question should preclude your actions… how bad do you want it?

In fact, there are several employees here at LANDESK whose ‘family pets’ frequently buy them gifts. And we’re not talking a dead bird or mouse on the front step, we are talking about the family dog buying them everything from 60 inch televisions to the latest iPhone (some people’s pets have better taste than others). Some gifts, however, are just unattainable…for now. There are several employees around the office that would trek to the North Pole if it meant that they could get their hands on an Apple Watch.

This got us thinking: what would the employees at a technology company want for Christmas? We decided to build a list of just what employees here at LANDESK asked Santa for this year. However, their answers surprised even us! As we surveyed the team, we assumed that at a company full of technology-minded individuals we would solicit responses that mention every gadget and doodad currently on the market. We were hoping to hear of things that we had no idea existed. And while we received a few of those answers, the majority of people at LANDESK wanted anything but technology, and quite a few had absolutely no idea what they wanted for Christmas! We feel bad for the people buying your gifts if you still have no idea what you want for Christmas this late in the game (we assume it means that there are lots of clothes, socks and gift cards in your future.)

The consensus seems to be that many of our good employees refuse to wait till Christmas to get their electronic goodies. Fair enough, but can you really have too many electronics, especially now that so many of them communicate with each other?

Ultimately, we decided to give you two lists. One for the technology lover in your life (that hasn’t already bought everything they want), and low-tech gift ideas for the person that has everything already.

Without further ado, here are the “low-tech” gifts (organized from the practical to the practically insane):

1. Fast and Furious Box Set– We can’t get enough of Fast and the Furious here at the office (okay it’s only two of us) but you might have someone that feels the same way we do.

2. Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle!- Self-explanatory. If you don’t understand, see this.

3. Minoura W-3100 Bike Repair Stand– If you have a cyclist in your life, you can’t go wrong here.

4. Skis– It’s up to you on brand, but here in Utah this would be a VERY nice gift. Even if the skis can’t tell you snow temperature, density, barometric pressure… you get the idea.

5. Guns- Many varieties were mentioned. User discretion applies.

6. Foosball Table– Ah this one takes us back to our college years! Who doesn’t want one of these in their house?

7. Direct Port Nitrous Injection– If you are thinking of buying this for someone that has “a heavy right foot,” you might want to consider a car cover or something else.

8. Sage One Fly Rod– This is one expensive, top-of-the-line, piece of equipment for the outdoors-man in your life. Admittedly the person who suggested this for Christmas had already been told no by his wife.– Come on Santa!

9. Caribbean Cruise– Nothing says the holidays like the lack of snow and warm, sandy beaches.

10. Husqvarna FE  350 Motorcycle– Go-fast goodies will put a smile on anyone’s face!

11. Polaris RZR– This was mentioned a couple of times. Everyone likes a toy that GOES FAST and costs as much, if not more, than a car! You can buy accessories for them too, so maybe go that route.

12. A Boyfriend with a Job– Now, we are not sure exactly where you buy one of these, but it seemed to be a desirable gift according to the single ladies around the office.

13. Student Loans Paid Off– This one is but a dream for a lot of us, but if there is a Santa out there, we’d be good all year!

Now let’s get to the techy gifts! (Again, organized from the practical to the practically insane)

1. Fitbit– ‘Tis the season to take control of your health, especially with those New Year’s resolutions coming up!

2. Go Pro Hero 4– Everyone should have one of these! We would have a lot less hilarious and amazing YouTube videos without them!

3. Xbox One– Everyone needs a system to play the new Assassins Creed or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on. This gift is sure to please kids of all ages, be it 12 or 42.

4. iPhone 6– Whether it is of the 6 Plus variety is up to how well you know the person you’re buying it for. Choose wisely.

5. Samsung Note 4– Who doesn’t want a tablet and phone all in one device?

6. ScanDisk 4TB SSD– A solid state drive with four Terabytes!  It’s what gamer’s dreams are made of!

7. 5K iMac– The creme de la creme of Apple computing these days, and the price tag shows it. Someone just might love you forever if they unwrap this thing unexpectedly (if they don’t already).

8. Samsung Curved Screen 65″ TV– This beauty is state-of-the-art for the next month or two. Big TVs always seem to be a crowd pleaser, although most people agree that they are unsure of why the screen is curved.

9. Drone– Not only do they protect our country, but now you can personally own one. While not equipped with missiles, this drone can help you capture some fantastic aerial footage and you can use it with the Go Pro Hero 4 you asked for.

10. Home Automation– Control your entire house from your desk at work. I hope Santa is an accomplished electrician.

11. Tesla Model S– Hopefully you have at least $80,000 stashed away for this one, and that is for the base model. This makes the 5K iMac look like an affordable option, but you’d be saving the environment in style.

But before you go crazy, insisting on the perfect gift, or rewarding yourself, just remember that old saying “It is always better to give than receive.” Hopefully we can all remember that Christmas is about giving, and spending time with those you love, which is the most precious commodity of all. So here is our gift to you from all of us here at LANDESK! It’s made with the most important ingredient of all… technology… oh and love. Happy holidays! Have a cookie on us.